Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera

The Sony Alpha 7S III is an advanced interchangeable-lens camera with extraordinary low-light sensitivity, ultra-fast autofocus, and impressive video capability. Get ready to capture pro-level movies and photos with this powerful camera.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera summary

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera product highlights

Imagination in Motion: The Sony Alpha 7S III takes the S series to new heights, offering exceptional full-frame movie expression with high speed, sensitivity, and ultra-low noise for 4K movie shoots with high dynamic range and excellent focusing.

Extreme movie performance: Features include expanded ISO up to 409600, 15-stop wide dynamic range, 4K 120p recording, fast autofocusing, and robust image stabilization, making the Sony Alpha 7S III a game-changer for movie makers.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera product highlights:

  • Newly developed 12.1-megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor.
  • Newly developed BIONZ XR image processing engine with up to 8x the processing performance.
  • Moviemaking with 4K 120p, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording capability.
  • Fast Hybrid AF with 759 phase-detection AF points and enhanced Real-time Eye AF.
  • Body-integrated 5-axis optical image stabilization, Active Mode for movies.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera features

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera expressive possibilities:

  • Large pixels for sensitivity and low noise: The 12.1-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor features innovations in light gathering, wiring, and output, resulting in doubled readout speeds, excellent image quality across the sensitivity range, wide 15-stop dynamic range, and reduced rolling shutter. It also enables focal-plane phase-detection AF.
  • Powerful BIONZ XR image processor: The new BIONZ XR image processing engine offers up to 8x more processing power than previous models. It delivers high-quality images faster, enhancing still and video expression, and significantly improving Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera interface responsiveness.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera superlative movie performance:

  • Stunning AF performance: The Exmor R full-frame image sensor and BIONZ XR image processing engine deliver pinpoint AF for astonishing detail in both space and time, allowing for stunning 4K movies even at 120 frames per second or in slow motion.
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 recording: With Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera, record with the richness of 10-bit depth and 4:2:2 color sampling for greater flexibility in image grading, post-processing, and compositing.
  • All-Intra encoding: Choose between Long GOP and All-Intra encoding, with the latter capturing each frame independently at bitrates up to 600Mbps, ensuring accurate recording of complex motions and enabling more efficient editing workflows.
  • Superior quality with XAVC HS: The XAVC HS recording format uses HEVC/H.265 encoding for superior image quality and smaller file sizes.
  • Expanded ISO range: The full-frame sensor achieves low noise throughout the expanded ISO range from 80 to an impressive 409600, allowing for usable images in near total darkness.
  • S-Cinetone look: Utilize Sony’s acclaimed S-Cinetone look, inherited from high-end cinema cameras, for cinematic color directly in-camera with natural skin tones and smooth highlight roll-off.
  • S-Log3 gamma and S-Gamut3.Cine gamut: Wider dynamic range and easier color matching for post-production workflows, shared with pro camcorders.
  • HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma): Simplify HDR production for HLG-compatible BRAVIA TVs on the Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera with smooth gradations from the 10-bit color depth.
  • Image quality improvements: The BIONZ XR image processing engine delivers improvements in color reproduction, tonal gradation, stability against different light sources, and reduced rolling shutter.
  • 16-bit RAW HDMI output: Output 16-bit RAW files via HDMI connection to compatible external recorders for demanding post-production workflows.
  • Efficient editing with proxy recording: Generate HD proxies (in 8 or 10-bit depth) in-camera while recording high-bitrate 4K movies to reduce computer load and speed up workflow before final 4K delivery.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera more features

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera shooting revolution:

  • Fast Hybrid AF: Wide-area AF with intelligent tracking and on-sensor phase-detection delivers accurate and tenacious AF performance, even for moving subjects at shallow depths-of-field in 4K and 120p frame rates.
  • Powerful focus control: AF Transition Speed and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity allow for better creative control when switching subjects or rack focusing, and AF can be temporarily activated during manual focus.
  • Real-time Eye AF for movies: With Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera, improved Real-time Eye AF ensures precise focusing on eyes, even on profile or partially obscured faces, allowing for composition with shallow focus depth.
  • Real-time Tracking with touch operation: Real-time Tracking analyzes subject information to track the subject, and Touch Tracking automatically tracks a subject touched on the LCD screen.
  • In-body 5-axis image stabilization: Highly accurate image stabilization and gyro-sensor provide 5-axis optical image stabilization with Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera.
  • Active Mode for hand-held shooting: Active Mode offers increased stabilization for movie shooting without compromising image quality, enabling stable video even when shooting hand-held in 4K resolution.
  • Digital audio interface: The Multi Interface (MI) Shoe with a digital audio interface allows direct 24-bit audio input, supporting various audio settings with the optional XLR-K3M adapter kit.
  • Unique heat dissipation: The Sigma-shaped graphite heatsink dissipates heat effectively, ensuring dependable recording and extended shooting time without affecting image stabilization.
  • Movie-shooting comfort: Improved operability with the relocated MOVIE button on the top face and enhanced mode dial ordering and speed of switching in response to professional user feedback.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera advantages

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera advanced still functions:

  • High ISO sensitivity: Standard ISO range of 80-102400 (expandable to 40-409600 for stills) allows Sony Alpha 7S III camera for shooting in low-light conditions with cleaner images and natural textures.
  • Fast Hybrid AF for stills: 759 phase-detection sensors and 425 contrast-detection points from Sony Alpha 7S III camera enable quick and precise subject detection and tracking throughout the frame.
  • Outstanding continuous shooting: Choose between mechanical or electronic shutter for continuous burst shooting at up to 10fps with AF/AE tracking, allowing over 1000 frames of continuous uncompressed RAW shooting.
  • Highly-sensitive AF for low-light focusing: Improved AF algorithm enables autofocus in extremely dim conditions as low as EV-6.3.
  • Still-image quality advances: New image sensor and processing engine deliver better color reproduction, particularly for skin tones, and improved texture depiction in still images.
  • New HEIF format and HLG image capture modes: Supports HEIF format with 10-bit color for higher image quality and compression efficiency than JPEG. HLG mode allows capturing High Dynamic Range still images for viewing on compatible TVs.

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera workflow efficiency:

  • Two CFexpress Type A-compatible media slots: Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera supports ultra-fast CFexpress Type A cards and SDXC UHS-II cards, offering high-bitrate recording and parallel/relay recording options.
  • Vari-angle LCD monitor: 1.44 million-dot 3.0-type touch screen with a side-open design for flexible positioning and improved visibility when mounted on gimbals or rigs.
  • High-definition electronic viewfinder: 9.44 million-dot EVF with 0.9x finder magnification, 41° diagonal field of view, and 25mm high eyepoint.
  • Advanced operability: Redesigned menu structure based on professional user feedback for improved intuitiveness and responsiveness to setting changes.
  • Intuitive touch operation: With Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera, menu and playback screen can be operated by touch, with improved touch functions during shooting.
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi compatible: Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera provides both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity for remote operation, wireless preview, and faster data transfer.
  • Wired LAN connectivity: Offers 1000BASE-T wired LAN connectivity through a compatible USB-Ethernet adaptor cable.
  • Remote preview and shooting: Allows wired or wireless remote shooting from a PC or mobile device with Imaging Edge MobileTM, enhancing workflows and enabling shooting in challenging environments.

Our final opinion about Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera

Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera is an outstanding camera that will give any photographer superb results. The camera offers a powerful combination of features, which includes an upgraded full-frame 12.1-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor, 15+ stops of wide dynamic range, up to 4K 120p 10-bit recording, quick shooting speed, and low light and ISO performance. The camera also boasts an impressive selection of lenses and accessories.

With all these features, it definitely offers a great value for money and a great solution for professional and enthusiast photographers. For those seeking the highest quality images and video, investing in the Sony Alpha 7S III is an excellent choice.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera?

Yes, the Sony Alpha 7S III is a highly-rated interchangeable-lens camera. It features a full-frame 12.1-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor, 4K video recording at up to 120p, 15-stop wide dynamic range, and a maximum ISO setting of 409,600. It is a great choice if you are looking for a high-end interchangeable lens camera.

The Sony Alpha 7S III is an ideal choice for photographers who require a camera that is capable of offering high-quality resolution images even in low-light conditions. Its full-frame 12.1MP R-CMOS sensor and BIONZ XR processor combination combine to capture photos with less noise and more detail than ever before. This camera also features a variety of advanced functions, such as 5-axis in-body stabilization, fast autofocus, and a 759-point hybrid autofocus system.

Furthermore, the camera can shoot 4K video up to 120fps and 10-bit recording for greater color information for post-processing and editing. Therefore, anyone looking for a high-bitrate and high-quality audio and video experience should definitely consider the Sony Alpha 7S III.

The Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera is best suited for professional and serious amateur photographers who prioritize low light performance, cinematic video quality, and precise control over image quality. Its full-frame sensor and expansive range of recording formats make it a great choice for photographers looking to produce top-level imagery in challenging lighting conditions, as well as for videographers looking for a camera with advanced features in a compact package.

Overall, customers seem to be satisfied with the Sony Alpha 7S III interchangeable-lens camera. Many reviewers and customers praise the camera’s amazing features, such as its fast autofocus and 4K video capturing capabilities. Many also appreciate the full frame sensor and impressive low-light performance. In addition, users find the camera to be easy to use and generally intuitive.

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