Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera

Experience the next generation of full-frame photography with the Sony Alpha 7 II mirrorless camera. Feel the power of 24.3MP resolution & advanced autofocus for sharp images.

Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera

Sony Alpha 7 II Full Frame mirrorless camera summary

Sony Alpha 7 II Full Frame mirrorless camera product highlights

Sony Alpha 7 II: World’s 1st full-frame camera with 5-axis stabilization. Stunning image quality in a compact body. Unleash your creativity with shake-free shots using various lenses.

Sony Alpha 7 II Full Frame mirrorless camera product highlights:

  • World’s 1st full-frame camera with 5-axis image stabilization
  • Fast and effective, enhanced Fast Hybrid AF
  • 24.3-megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor
  • BIONZ X™ image processing engine
  • High 50Mbps bit-rate XAVC S format recording of Full HD movies
  • LENS COMPATIBILITY: Sony E-mount lenses
  • SENSOR TYPE: 35 mm
  • SENSOR: 35 mm full frame (35.8 x 23.9mm) Exmor™ CMOS sensor
  • BATTERY LIFE (STILL IMAGES): Up to 350 shots
  • VIEWFINDER TYPE: 0.5″-type electronic viewfinder (color)
  • MONITOR TYPE: 3.0″ type TFT LCD

Sony Alpha 7 II Full Frame mirrorless camera 5-axis image stabilization:

  • 5-axis image stabilization: World’s first in a full-frame camera, compensates for five types of camera shake in still images and movies.
  • Pitch and yaw compensation: Reduces shake at long focal lengths.
  • Horizontal and vertical shift compensation: Minimizes shake during macrophotography.
  • Roll compensation: Corrects roll shake during long exposures.
  • Compatibility with wide-ranging lenses: Works with various mountable lenses for shake-free shots.
  • Short flange-back distance: Allows broad lens compatibility.
  • Automatic optimization for each lens: Analyzes lens information to optimize stabilization and performance.

Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera features

Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera high-performance Fast Hybrid AF:

  • Fast Hybrid AF: State-of-the-art AF system for capturing fleeting photo opportunities.
  • Wide Coverage: 117-point focal plane phase-detection AF sensor for smooth tracking of fast-moving subjects.
  • 30% Faster Autofocusing: Sony’s sophisticated Fast Hybrid AF captures subjects with razor-sharp clarity.
  • Steadfast 5 fps AF/AE Shooting: Improved algorithm and continuous AF display for accurate tracking.
  • Phase-detection AF: Assured advantages even with A-mount lenses mounted via LA-EA3.
  • 24.3-Megapixel Exmor CMOS Sensor: Gorgeous images with wide dynamic range and low noise.
  • BIONZ X Image Processing Engine: High-speed processing for faithful texture and detail reproduction.

Sony Alpha 7 II uncompressed RAW Format and quality:

  • New 14-bit Uncompressed RAW Format: More format options for unbeatable image quality and tonal nuance.
  • Expressive Moviemaking: High-quality movies with background blur and sensitivity for vibrant dark scenes.
  • Pro-quality XAVC S Format: High-bit-rate recording for minimal noise and Full HD image quality.
  • Picture Profile: Saves adjusted parameters and settings as a profile for easy recall.
  • S-Log2 Gamma Setting: Creates a wider dynamic range, ideal for post-production.
  • Time Code / User Bit: Record Run, Free Run, and embedded time code during clean HDMI output.
  • Clean HDMI Output: Real-time transfer of Full HD movie signals to an external monitor.

Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera more features

Refined controls for intuitive operation and immediate adjustments through the viewfinder. A whole new level of sophistication and control demanded by professionals from Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera:

  • 40% faster startup: The Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera starts almost immediately after sliding the power switch on, ensuring no delay in capturing fleeting opportunities.
  • Anti-dust system and coating: The Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera features an anti-dust mechanism and anti-static coating on the optical filter to keep photos blemish-free.
  • Robust magnesium alloy body: Compact and lightweight, the camera’s solid build withstands the rigors of shooting in the field.
  • Accurate monitoring: Faithful reproduction and impressive visibility contribute to stress-free, intuitive operation.
  • Robust lens mount: The strong body and lens mount provide a solid foundation for mounting large, heavy lenses.
  • Comfortable and secure grip: Sony Alpha 7 II camera offers various refinements ensure a more secure grasp of the camera and reduce camera shake.
  • Tiltable LCD screen: The LCD screen tilts upward approx. 107 degrees and downward approx. 41 degrees, accommodating wide-ranging shooting angles.
  • User-friendly interface: Quick Navi Pro allows you to confirm camera settings at a glance and find options without searching through menus.
  • Front and rear dials: Swiftly adjust exposure and other parameters while viewing scenes through the viewfinder with front and rear dials.
  • Customizable controls: The Fn (Function) button and button customization enable quick access to your preferred features for personalized shooting.

Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera advantages

Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera command:

  • Full support for the full-frame advantage: Sony offers an expanded lineup of full-frame A-mount and E-mount lenses for unmatched performance.
  • Easy wireless image transfer: Connect the camera to a smartphone or tablet with one-touch for seamless image transfer.
  • Exciting download service: Enhance photographic expression according to creative needs with various download options (availability varies by region).
  • Imaging Edge™ Remote, Viewer, and Edit: Elevate photography with Imaging Edge desktop applications for live shooting control, quick previewing, and RAW data development.
  • Imaging Edge™ Webcam: Use the camera as a high-quality webcam for impressive live streaming and conferencing, providing wide compatibility.

Our final opinion about Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera

The Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade from a traditional DSLR camera. It has all the features of a full-frame camera, with the added benefits of being smaller and lighter than a DSLR. The image quality is excellent, the autofocus system is fast and accurate, and the in-body image stabilization adds a great level of image quality and stability to any lens. Overall, the Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera is a great choice for both still and video shooting.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera?

Yes, the Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera is a good camera. It has a 24.3-megapixel sensor, fast autofocus, and excellent image quality. It also has built-in image stabilization and full HD video recording capabilities. It is an ideal camera for both stills and video.

The Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera is perfect for serious photographers and videographers. It offers an incredibly lightweight and compact form factor that is easy to take on the go, while also delivering outstanding image quality and performance. The advanced autofocus system ensures sharp and consistent images, while the variety of features and settings allow you to customize the shooting experience to your own unique needs.

It also offers powerful video recording capabilities, letting you capture stunning 4K video for your social media and other projects. Finally, the sturdy build makes it a reliable option for any level of photographer, while the wide selection of compatible lenses offer plenty of options for creative expression.

The Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera is perfect for enthusiast and professional photographers who are looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot camera or upgrade from an entry-level DSLR. It’s a great choice for photographers who want the convenience of a mirrorless camera in a relatively compact form-factor. The Sony Alpha 7 II offers excellent image quality and features like in-body image stabilization, an 0.5″ viewfinder and also great for those who want to take advantage of the larger lens selection that is available for full-frame cameras.

Its full-frame 24.2-megapixel sensor, 5-axis image stabilization, 10 frames-per-second continuous shooting and 693-point autofocus system make this the perfect camera for those who want to capture detailed landscapes, dramatic sports photography, crisp portraiture, and more.

There is a wide range of customer feedback for the Sony Alpha 7 II full-frame mirrorless camera. Overall, most customers seem to be satisfied with the product. Many report that it produces excellent image quality and that its features are very useful. Others have noted that the camera’s battery life and autofocusing performance are adequate, although there is some room for improvement. Additionally, customers have complimented the camera’s lightweight build and ergonomic design.

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