Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera

Experience dynamic visuals like never before with Sony Alpha 1, the world’s first full-frame CMOS sensor camera. Capture crisp & detailed photos with blazing speed. Get set to experience photography like never before!

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera summary

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera product highlights

The Sony Alpha 1 is a revolutionary full-frame CMOS sensor camera that redefines the boundaries of traditional imaging tools. With its cutting-edge technology, it offers an unmatched blend of high resolution and incredible speed, all while maintaining intuitive operation.

Featuring a remarkable 50-megapixel capability at an astounding 30 frames per second, this camera opens up exciting avenues for creative expression and seamless workflow. Photographers and videographers can now capture stunning, high-resolution images at an unprecedented pace, making it ideal for fast-paced scenarios and demanding projects.

The Sony Alpha 1 empowers users with unparalleled imaging performance, allowing them to push the limits of their creativity and achieve outstanding results. It’s the ultimate tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing a new level of freedom in their artistic endeavors.

Sony Alpha 1 camera product highlights:

  • 50.1MP2 35 mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory
  • Advanced BIONZ XR engine boosts speed by up to 8×3
  • 30fps4 continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
  • Movie making with 8K 30p and 4K 120p5
  • Wide AF coverage with 759-point phase-detection and 425-point contrast detection AF points
  • Resolution and speed
  • Overwhelming image quality
  • Incomparable AF
  • Unprecedented movie performance
  • Control and reliability for any scene
  • A new workflow solution

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera features

The Sony Alpha 1 is a game-changing full-frame CMOS sensor camera with impressive features tailored for photographers and videographers seeking exceptional performance.

  • 50.1 megapixels at up to 30 frames/second: The Sony Alpha 1 boasts an extraordinary combination of high resolution and speed, allowing continuous bursts at up to 30 fps with AF and AE tracking using the electronic shutter.
  • Blackout-free Shooting: The camera offers an uninterrupted view of the subject, ensuring instant and seamless responses during continuous shooting, reducing blackout interruptions.
  • 120 AF/AE tracking calculations per second: Fast sensor readout enables 120 AF/AE calculations per second, even during 30 fps bursts, providing precise AF tracking for fast and erratic subjects with AE latency of less than 0.033sec.
  • Silent, vibration-free shutter: The silent electronic shutter allows noise-free shooting, making it ideal for sports and noise-sensitive subjects, while vibration-free operation contributes to high image quality.
  • Anti-distortion Shutter: The fast sensor readout minimizes still-image distortion when using the electronic shutter, achieving about 1.5x less distortion than the α9 II with the BIONZ XR™ engine and large buffer.
  • Flicker-free electronic & mechanical shutters: A world-first feature, providing flicker-free shooting under fluorescent/artificial lighting with all the benefits of the electronic shutter.
  • Full-frame stacked 50.1 MP Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor with integral memory: The stacked architecture in the back-illuminated sensor contributes to high resolution and speed, with separate pixel and circuit layers and advanced A/D conversion for faster processing.
  • All-new architecture and BIONZ XR image processing engine: The new BIONZ XR engine delivers 8x greater processing power, resulting in outstanding image quality and improved camera interface response.
  • Flash sync with electronic shutter: For the first time in an α camera, electronic shutter flash sync is possible due to high readout speed from the stacked CMOS sensor, retaining electronic shutter advantages for flash shooting.
  • Dual driven shutter drive for flash sync up to 1/400 sec.: The world’s first dual driven shutter system allows flash sync up to 1/400 sec., facilitating capturing dynamic action and offering new creative possibilities.

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera image quality:

  • Breathtaking resolution and image quality: The Sony Alpha 1 features a new 50.1 MP Exmor RS CMOS sensor that delivers high resolution, sensitivity, and low noise, providing up to 15 stops of dynamic range. The image processing engine ensures even better color accuracy than previous models.
  • Wide ISO 100 ~ 32000 sensitivity range: Despite the high pixel count, the back-illuminated sensor with on-chip lenses and AR coated seal glass allows a standard ISO range of ISO10032000, expandable to ISO 50-102400. This offers excellent performance in different lighting conditions.
  • Pixel Shift Multi Shooting: With in-body image stabilization control, up to 16 images can be combined via software to create photos with up to 199 million pixels. This results in extraordinary resolution, color, and atmosphere in the final images.
  • Creative Look for varied expression: The camera provides 10 presets under the Creative Look feature that can be used as-is or edited to create various “looks,” allowing creators to fine-tune the mood of their stills or movies directly in-camera.
  • 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization: The Sony Alpha 1 incorporates a precision stabilization unit, gyro sensors, and advanced stabilization algorithms, providing a 5.5-step shutter speed advantage. This maximizes image quality, especially for high-resolution shots.

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera more features

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera AF:

  • Real-time Eye AF for birds: Sony Alpha 1 introduces advanced subject recognition technology, enabling Real-time Eye AF to track and focus on bird eyes accurately, even during flight or changes in framing, meeting the challenges of bird photography.
  • Improved Real-time Eye AF for animals: Designed for cats and dogs, this feature uses advanced subject recognition technology to reliably track and focus on animal eyes, even if their faces are upside-down.
  • Real-time Eye AF: Using AI technology and evolved Fast Hybrid AF algorithms, Real-time Eye AF in the Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera offers approximately 30% greater precision in tracking and focusing on human eyes compared to the α9 II.
  • Real-time Tracking: By selecting a subject and half-pressing the shutter, the Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera automatically tracks and maintains focus. Activating AF face/eye priority allows seamless AI-based tracking of human, animal, or bird eyes.
  • Wide, fast, precise AF tracking: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera boasts focal plane phase-detection AF with 759 selectable points covering about 92% of the image, providing sensitive, fast, and precise autofocus capabilities for optimal performance.

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera movie performance:

  • Next generation 8K 30p recording: The Sony Alpha 1 features a new image sensor and BIONZ XR engine, delivering 8K (7680×4320) 30p movie recording capability with Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF functionality. 8K footage is also ideal for flexible 4K editing, and with Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera Ver. 1.3, it offers 8K 4:2:2 10bit recording for varied expression and high-level editing.
  • 4K movies at 120 fps: The Sony Alpha 1 camera supports high frame rate internal 4K movie recording at up to 120 fps, enabling smooth, expressive slow-motion playback up to 5x. It utilizes 10-bit 4:2:2 chroma subsampling with Long-GOP or Intra (All-I) compression for outstanding image quality, while minimizing image distortion.
  • 4K full sensor readout with no pixel binning: In Super 35 mode, the Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera acquires approximately 2.3x the data required for QFHD 4K, providing rich and detailed imagery.
  • Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Tracking for movies: The BIONZ XR engine improves detection, accurately tracking human eyes at various head angles, available for 8K and 4K 120p recording.
  • S-Log and HLG support: S-Log and S-Log are included, providing smooth 10-bit gradations and a dynamic range of 15+ stops. HLG movies support the wide-gamut BT.2020 color space and can be directly played on an HDR compatible TV.
  • 16-bit RAW output: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera allows 16-bit RAW output to an external recorder via HDMI, offering improved post-production flexibility.
  • Digital audio interface: A digital audio interface delivers outstanding audio quality with compatible audio devices connected via the Multi Interface Shoe.
  • Heat-dissipating structure: The newly developed heat-dissipating structure prevents overheating during continuous recording, allowing for extended 8K/30p or 4K/60p video recording for up to 30 minutes.
  • Cinematic S-Cinetone look: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera includes the S-Cinetone color matrix found in Cinema Line cameras, producing beautiful color and skin tones.
  • Active Mode image stabilization: A new Active Mode dedicated to movie shooting provides highly effective 5-axis optical image stabilization for handheld shooting in all formats, including 4K.
  • Advantages of Sony’s lenses for video shooting: The combination of Sony’s E-mount lenses and cameras enhances the video creation experience, offering four unique advantages for video shooting.

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera advantages

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera control and reliability:

  • High-performance electronic viewfinder: The α1 features a 9.44 million-dot OLED viewfinder, the highest resolution in the industry, with 0.90x magnification and a 41° FOV. It has a 25mm high eyepoint and a world-first 240fps refresh rate with UXGA FOV for clear views of fast action.
  • Panning shots with electronic shutter: Enabling the [Low Frame Rate Limit] allows improved display response and seamless panning shots when using the electronic shutter at low shutter speeds.
  • Seamlessly switch full-frame and APS-C formats: Full-frame and APS-C modes offer the same number of pixels and AF area, allowing seamless switching while shooting the same scene.
  • Separate settings for stills and movies: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera allows a subset of settings to change according to the selected mode, ideal for using different aperture, shutter speed, and other settings for stills and movies.
  • New menu structure: The revised menu structure and touch-responsive operation provide easier navigation and intuitive control, as requested by professional photographers and videographers.
  • Customizable functions: The Sony Alpha 1 camera offers 164 assignable functions to 17 custom keys, front and rear dials, and independent function sets for stills, movies, and playback.
  • Touch menu control: Touch-responsive main and function menus with easy navigation and tracking control improve user experience.
  • High-reliability mechanical shutter: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera’s shutter unit minimizes vibration and allows continuous bursts at up to 10 fps, rated for more than 500,000 cycles.
  • Two CFexpress Type A compatible media slots: Dual media slots support UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC/SDHC cards and new CFexpress Type A cards for higher capacity and faster read/write speeds.
  • High-capacity Z-series Battery for extended recording: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera can shoot up to 530 stills per charge, and the components and circuitry are optimized for power efficiency.
  • Improved dust and moisture resistant design: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera features sealing at all body seams, battery cover, double sliding covers, and lens lock button for enhanced protection.
  • Durable magnesium alloy chassis: The lightweight yet rigid magnesium alloy enhances durability for top, front, and rear covers, and the internal frame, with additional strength from 6 lens mount attachment screws.

Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera Pro solution:

  • Industry’s fastest built-in Wi-Fi with 2×2 MIMO support: The Sony Alpha 1 camera features built-in wireless LAN communication on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, ensuring reliable communication with dual antennas.
  • SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps (USB 3.2) Type-C connector: The USB Type-C connector allows fast data transfer at 10Gbps for smooth handling of large files during PC Remote (tethered) shooting.
  • 1000BASE-T Ethernet for fast communication: The Sony Alpha 1 camera has a built-in connector for wired 1000BASE-T connection, enabling fast and stable data transfers at gigabit speeds with support for FTPS encryption.
  • Versatile FTP connectivity: Users can upload stills and movies as well as control the Sony Alpha 1 camera remotely via wireless LAN, wired LAN, or a USB-tethered smartphone, with the option to specify file types for transfer.
  • FTP transfer of still and movie files: Stills and movies can be transferred to a remote FTP server via wireless LAN, high-speed wired LAN, or a wired smartphone connection, with wireless data throughput approximately 3.5x faster than the α9 II.
  • Versatile remote (tethered) shooting functions: The Imaging Edge Desktop “Remote” application allows PC Remote (tethered) shooting via wireless LAN or USB connection and remote control from a mobile device.
  • Lossless compressed RAW: The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera supports efficient lossless compression, compressed, and uncompressed RAW formats for flexible image storage options.
  • New “Light” JPEG size: The Sony Alpha 1 camera offers a new “Light” JPEG size setting, resulting in smaller files than the “Standard” setting for faster delivery, ideal for news and sports photographers.
  • 10-bit HEIF for smoother gradations: HEIF format provides smooth 10-bit gradations, improving the reproduction of skies and portrait subjects with reduced file size for more efficient workflows.
  • Range of support applications: Imaging Edge Mobile allows transfer of RAW files and files with lossless compression, while the Transfer & Tagging add-on converts voice memos to text captions and allows file transfer via FTP from a mobile device.
  • The Imaging Edge Remote, Viewer, and Edit desktop apps enhance photography with various features for control, preview, and photo development. Imaging Edge Webcam turns the Sony Alpha 1 camera into a high-quality webcam for live streaming and conferencing.

Our final opinion about Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera

The Sony Alpha 1 is an impressive full-frame camera that packs in a lot of features and provides excellent image quality. With its cutting-edge technology incorporated into the camera, such as the 50.5MP sensor, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, and fast hybrid autofocus system, it is an ideal choice for both professional and amateur photographers alike. Additionally, its impressive performance in both stills and video mode make it a great all-round camera.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera?

Yes, the Sony Alpha 1 is an excellent full-frame CMOS sensor camera. It is ideal for capturing images with shallow depth of field, fast burst shooting, and high-resolution video. The camera is also loaded with features such as a touch screen LCD display, 4K: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels., 1/32000 second shutter speed, and advanced autofocus. It’s a great choice for photographers looking for a powerful all-in-one camera.

The Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera offers a range of features that make it the go-to choice for professional and novice photographers alike. It has a 50.1-megapixel full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor and an impressive, dynamic range which allows you to capture details in both bright and dark scenes.

The Sony Alpha 1 is a high-end, full-frame CMOS sensor camera with professional-level features, making it a great choice for professional photographers and experienced amateurs looking for a powerful camera with a wide range of features. It is ideal for wedding, portrait, landscape, wildlife, and sports photography. It is also great for video recording, with its 4K resolution and 8K resolution and Slow and Quick Motion.

Overall, customers are pleased with the Sony Alpha 1 full-frame CMOS sensor camera. Most users praise the camera for its excellent image quality and intuitive controls. Many users also appreciate the camera’s impressive autofocus and burst modes. The high price point of the Sony Alpha 1 is often cited as a downside, but this is generally offset by the camera’s superior performance and features.

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