Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review

The age of Bluetooth earphone devices that are heavy and seem to slip sometimes you feel uncomfortable, and now with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, all those problems can be solved. You feel lightweight, sleek design and impressive sound system. This is the product that we will review, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, the best accessory from Samsung!

Many are looking for the best earphones. If the old days, wired earphones were considered great, and after that entered the era of Bluetooth wireless earphone devices look sophisticated. But the latest accessory in the new era, namely earbuds, has become a craze for young people.

Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Summary

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Product Highlights

Samsung has been successful with its accessory products because of their high quality and premium. Consumers do not mind paying high prices to get quality accessory products. Here are the highlights of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 products that are highlighted: –

  1. Unmatched sound quality.
  2. 2 microphones help block out unwanted noise.
  3. The lightest earbuds ever produced by Samsung.

The three things mentioned above are categorized into well-balanced sound, active noise cancelling and comfort fit.

Well-Balanced Sound

Not only relying on the beautiful design, you can enjoy dynamic 2-way speakers to get powerful sound, deep base and clear treble with quality well-balanced sound technology. Great sound quality as if you were attending a concert performance.

We think the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 sound system suits our tastes.

Crystal Clear Calls

While you are busy listening to a song, you suddenly get a phone call from your friend. With 3 microphone technology (2 outer mic and 1 inner mic), a built -in voice pickup unit and unwanted noise filtering system make phone conversations clear. This sound filtering system is based on machine-learning.

With a low protrusion design makes your call clear even when you are in a windy place such as on the beach, on an island or jogging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Choose Your Colors
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Choose Your Colors

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Active noise cancelling technology known as ANC uses 2 microphones to block unwanted sound in your environment. Noise in your surroundings can be blocked by up to 98% ensuring the activity of listening to music, playing video games, listening to audiobooks or listening to your favorite podcasts is immersive.

How does Active Noise Cancelling ANC work in Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

The sounds around you sometimes do not bother us but when you do activities such as talking on the phone or listening to songs, we want the sounds of our surroundings to be quiet and slow. With Active Noise Cancelling ANC available on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, you can select 3 adjustable ambient noise blocking level modes.

This Active Noise Cancelling feature is supported by UL Verifications.

Sound Customization

You can do sound customization with adjustments according to your taste using 6 equalizer settings that you can choose.

How to Make Equalizer Settings on Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

On your Android smartphone, select Settings and find the Galaxy Buds 2 accessory, select 3 noise controls namely Active Noise Cancelling, OFF or Ambient Sound. Click Earbuds Settings and then select Equalizer. There are 6 equalizers that you can choose from such as Normal, Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost.

To listen to lively songs, we chose Bass Boost because this function enhances the great bass sound for you to enjoy.

Comfort Fit

The third feature that is highlighted is comfort fit. Samsung claims that these latest earbuds are the lightest ever produced to get the comfort fit features. The proof is that the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds weigh only 5 grams each.

You can download the Galaxy Wearable Apps app to get your comfort wearing these earbuds by using the “Earbuds Fit Test” function.

You can choose the ear-tip size for your comfort i.e. small, medium and large size.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Advantages

4 Color Options

There are 4 color options such as olive, white, lavender or graphite.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 can last for 5 hours but if you can get an additional 15 hour more battery if you use its casing box. So, you get 20 hours of battery life if you charge 100% for the earbuds and its case box.

In conclusion, these Samsung earbuds are enough for your use one day whether to listen to songs, chat via phone calls and others.


For RM499, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 by buying at Samsung Stores nationwide or purchasing online with free shipping including Sabah and Sarawak.

Payment in easy-installments can be made for up to 24 months.

Get the hottest accessories on the market now!

Samsung also offers several other products that may be suitable for you such as Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Clear Cover with Ring, Super-Fast Charge Travel Adapter 25 watts, Galaxy Smart Tag or Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) at an attractive price.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 offer a great combination of features, sound quality, and portability. They have good sound isolation, impressive battery life, and a portable charging case. On top of that, the IPX2 water resistance rating means you can use them in moderate water environments.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have a number of features that make them a great audio product. They offer superior sound quality with dynamic drivers that are optimized for deep bass and rich audio. They also have a number of comfort features, including adjustable ear-tips, an ergonomic design, and a lightweight build. Additionally, the Buds 2 boast improved connectivity with the Samsung Galaxy devices, including the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices quickly and easily. They also feature active noise cancellation technology to eliminate unwanted sound, as well as dedicated microphones for better voice call quality and dual microphones for improved call clarity in noisy environments. Finally, the Buds 2 come with a long-lasting battery life and charging case that provide up to 11 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Overall, customers have been satisfied with Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. According to reviews on Amazon, the majority of customers have given positive ratings and have praised the improved sound quality and battery life over their predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Many customers have also noted their comfort and good fit.

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