Pulse Oximeter SP02 Review

Today, various devices are used to measure oxygen levels in the body and a pulse oximeter sp02is one of the most effective and popular ways you can use. You do not have to spend big money to buy a pulse oximeter. For about RM12 or $ 4, you can monitor the oxygen level in the body quickly.

In this time entry, we will explain about this very important health device so that you really understand and know how to use it.

Pulse Oximeter SP02 Review

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How Can a Pulse Oximeter Save Your Life?

The Covid-19 pandemic is extremely dangerous and has killed millions of people. Many have recovered but not least those who are still working hard to be healthy as before. This Pulse Oximeter is a health device that you can use to detect the level of oxygen in the body. If the oxygen level is low it means you cannot breathe properly and as a result the functions of the internal organs will be damaged.

This health device can save your life in a way when your oxygen level is lower than the normal level of oxygen in the body, you must immediately contact a nearby hospital for immediate treatment. Detecting oxygen levels at an early stage can save your life.

How to Measure Oxygen Levels?

The Pulse Oximeter device will read the oxygen level in your body and if the reading is less than 95%, you are advised to immediately get a check-up at the nearest hospital. You do not have to worry if the oxygen level does not reach 100% because 96% and above is the normal oxygen level.

How to Read Pulse Oximeter Sp02?

How to read Pulse Oximeter SP02
This is a chart on how to read pulse oximeter sp02. Credit to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

It seems that everyone already knows about health devices to measure oxygen concentration but many still do not know how to read the results of Pulse Oximeter Sp02. Basically, there are 2 types of readings available in this health device, namely the oxygen concentration reading and the second is the pulse rate reading.

The two are closely related to each other because oxygen concentration readings have a direct effect on your pulse rate.

You can use a thermometer to measure body temperature.

4 Pulse Oximeter Reading Levels

Now we turn to how to determine whether you are healthy or not depending on the 4 levels of readings on the Pulse Oximeter Sp02.

There are 4 Pulse Oximeter readings, namely: –

  1. Level 1: Normal Readings: 96% or more with a pulse rate of 40-100bpm. Normal body temperature is between 36.5°C to 37.5°
  2. Level 2: If your Sp02 oxygen concentration is 95%, you do not need to go to the hospital. It is enough to just monitor your oxygen levels at home. The pulse rate at this reading is 101-109bpm and the body temperature 38°C.
  3. Level 3: If your oxygen concentration is between 93%-94%, pulse rate 110-130bpm and high body temperature of 38.1°C-0°C, you should seek medical advice for further action.
  4. Level 4: If your oxygen concentration is 92% or less and your pulse rate is 131 or more as well as a severe hot body temperature of 39°C, you should seek medical advice immediately. Call the 999-emergency line in Malaysia or 911 emergency line in United States of America.

Guidelines for Using Pulse Oximeter Sp02?

Here are the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) on how to use the Pulse Oximeter Sp02 health device, hopefully you will benefit from these guidelines.

  1. Measurements and readings should be recorded 3 times a day and should be done at the same time every day. For example, take an oxygen concentration reading 3 times a day after lunch.
  2. Take additional measurements if you feel a change in your health.

How to Use Pulse Oximeter Sp02?

There are 6 ways to use this health device as follows: –

  1. Step 1: Remove nail dye or fake nails and warm your hands by rubbing both palms if you feel cold.
  2. Step 2: Rest for at least 5 minutes before making the examination.
  3. Step 3: Place your hands on your chest at heart level and do not move your hands.
  4. Step 4: Turn on the Pulse Oximeter and place the middle finger or forefinger on the hand on your chest.
  5. Step 5: Maintain your hand position with the Pulse Oximeter device: Do this for at least a minute or so until the reading is stable.
  6. Step 6: Only record the highest reading: Record the highest reading if the reading does not change for 5 seconds.

Make sure each reading is done carefully and meticulously.

Call the CPRC Hotline

For any inquiries on Coronavirus 2019 disease, namely Covid -19, please contact: –

CPRC Hotline 03-77239300 03-88810200/ 0600/0700
WhatsApp: 013-9279454 / 010-9699435

Covid-19 Mercy Malaysia Psychosocial Support Line

The Covid-19 Mercy Malaysia psychosocial support line service is operated by psychological staff from the Ministry of Health Malaysia and MERCY Malaysia volunteers.

Call the psychosocial support line at 03-29359935/014-3223392/011-63996482/011-63994236.

Ulasan Pulse Oximeter SP02

How to use Pulse Oximeter sp02
A simple guideline on How to use Pulse Oximeter sp02. Credit picture to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

Dewasa ini, pelbagai peranti digunakan untuk mengukur paras oksigen dalam badan dan pulse oximeter adalah salah satu cara yang berkesan dan popular yang anda boleh gunakan. Anda tidak perlu berbelanja besar untuk membeli sebuah pulse oximeter. Dengan harga lebih kurang RM12 ataupun $4, anda boleh memantau paras oksigen dalam badan dengan cepat.

Pada entri kali ini, kami akan memberitahu mengenai peranti kesihatan yang sangat penting ini supaya anda benar-benar faham dan tahu cara menggunakannya.

Bagaimanakah Pulse Oximeter Boleh Menyelamatkan Nyawa Anda?

Pandemik Covid-19 adalah sangat merbahaya dan telah mengorbankan jutaan manusia. Ramai yang telah sembuh namun tidak kurang juga yang masih bertungkus lumus untuk sihat seperti sebelumnya. Pulse Oximeter ini adalah satu peranti kesihatan yang anda boleh gunakan bagi mengesan tahap oksigen dalam badan. Jika paras oksigen rendah bermakna anda tidak boleh bernafas dengan sempurna dan mengakibatkan fungsi-fungsi organ dalaman akan rosak.

Peranti kesihatan ini dapat menyelamatkan nyawa anda dengan cara apabila paras oksigen anda rendah dari paras normal oksigen dalam badan, anda mesti cepat-cepat hubungi hospital berdekatan untuk mendapatkan rawatan segera. Pengesanan tahap oksigen pada peringkat awal boleh menyelamatkan nyawa anda.

Bagaimana Mengukur Paras Oksigen?

Peranti Pulse Oximeter akan membaca paras oksigen dalam badan anda dan jika bacaan kurang daripada 95%, anda dinasihatkan untuk segera mendapatkan pemeriksaan di hospital terdekat. Anda tidak perlu khuatir jika paras oksigen ada tidak mencapai 100% kerana 96% ke atas adalah paras oksigen normal.

Bagaimana Cara Membaca Pulse Oximeter Sp02?

Rasanya setiap orang sudah tahu akan peranti kesihatan untuk mengukur kepekatan oksigen namun ramai yang masih belum mengetahui cara membaca hasil keputusan Pulse Oximeter Sp02. Secara asasnya, terdapat 2 jenis bacaan yang ada dalam peranti kesihantan ini iaitu bacaan kepekatan oksigen dan yang keduanya bacaan denyutan nadi.

Kedua-duanya berkait rapat antara satu sama lain kerana bacaan kepekatan oksigen memberi kesan langsung kepada denyutan nadi anda.

Anda boleh menggunakan thermometer untuk mengukur suhu badan.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about LOREM?

According to the official website of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), Pulse oximeter is a medical device used to measure the level of oxygen in the body. The importation and distribution in the Malaysia market is regulated by the MDA under the Medical Devices Act 2012 (Act 737).

It needs to be registered under this Act to ensure its safety and effectiveness before it can be marketed. To obtain a pulse oximeter registered with the MDA, the public is advised to check the website https://mda.gov.my.

A Pulse Oximeter SP02 is useful for monitoring oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels and pulse rate. It is often used by medical professionals in many clinical settings and at home. It is particularly important for those with respiratory or cardiac conditions that can affect oxygen levels, or for monitoring the effects of high-altitude activities such as hiking and climbing. Additionally, for athletes, the device can help monitor the effects of intense training on their blood oxygen levels.

Generally, a Pulse Oximeter is a simple, noninvasive, and convenient device that can provide an indication of overall health and activity levels.

Menurut laman web rasmi Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (MOH), Pulse oximeter merupakan suatu peranti perubatan yang digunakan untuk mengukur kadar oksigen di dalam badan. Pengimportan dan pengedarannya di dalam pasaran dikawal oleh MDA di bawah Akta Peranti Perubatan 2012 (Akta 737).

Ia perlu berdaftar di bawah Akta ini untuk memastikan keselamatan dan keberkesanannya sebelum boleh dipasarkan. Untuk mendapatkan pulse oximeter yang berdaftar dengan MDA, orang ramai dinasihatkan untuk membuat semakan di laman web https://mda.gov.my.

4 Tahap Bacaan Pulse Oximeter

Sekarang kita beralih pula kepada bagaimanakah cara menentukan samada anda sihat atau tidak bergantung kepada 4 tahap bacaan pada Pulse Oximeter Sp02.

Terdapat 4 tanda bacaan Pulse Oximeter ini iaitu: –

  1. Tahap 1: Bacaan Normal: 96% atau lebih dengan kadar nadi 40-100bpm. Suhu badan normal antara 36.5 hingga 37.5 darjah celcius.
  2. Tahap 2: Jika kepekatan oksigen Sp02 anda adalah 95%, anda tidak perlu pergi ke hospital. Cukup sekadar memantau paras oksigen anda dirumah. Denyutan nadi pada bacaan ini adalah 101-109bpm dan suhu badan 38 darjah selsius.
  3. Tahap 3: Jika kepekatan oksigen anda antara 93%-94%, denyutan nadi 110-130bpm dan suhu badan tinggi iaitu 38.1-39 darjah selsius, anda perlu dapatkan nasihat doktor untuk tindakan selanjutnya.
  4. Tahap 4: Jika kepekatan oksigen anda 92% atau kurang dari itu dan denyutan nadi 131 atau lebih serta suhu badan yang panas teruk iaitu 39 darjah selsius, anda perlu mendapatkan nasihat perubatan dengan segera. Hubungi talian kecemasan 999 di Malaysia dan talian kecemasan 911 di Amerika Syarikat (USA).

Bagaimana Cara Menggunakan Pulse Oximeter Sp02?

Terdapat 6 cara menggunakan peranti kesihatan ini seperti berikut: –

  1. Langkah 1: Tanggalkan pewarna kuku atau kuku palsu dan panaskan tangan anda dengan cara mengosok-gosokkan kedua tapak tangan jika anda berasa sejuk.
  2. Langkah 2: Berehat sekurang-kurangnya 5 minit sebelum membuat pemeriksaan.
  3. Langkah ke-3: Letakkan tangan anda di dada pada paras jantung dan jangan gerakkan tangan anda.
  4. Langkah ke-4: Hidupkan Pulse Oximeter dan pasang dijari tengah atau telunjuk pada tangan yang berada di dada anda.
  5. Langkah ke-5: Kekalkan posisi tangan anda dengan peranti Pulse Oximeter: Lakukan ini sekurang-kurangnya satu minint atau sehingga bacaan menjadi stabil.
  6. Langkah ke-6: Hanya catatkan bacaan tertinggi: Catatkan bacaan tertinggi jika bacaan tidak berubah selama 5 saat.

Pastikan setiap bacaan dilakukan dengan berhati-hati dan cermat.

Garis Panduan Menggunakan Pulse Oximeter Sp02?

Berikut adalah garis panduan yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) berkenaan cara penggunaan peranti kesihatan Pulse Oximeter Sp02 ini mudah-mudahan anda beroleh manfaat dari garis panduan yang diberikan ini.

  1. Pengukuran dan hasil bacaan perlu dicatat 3 kali sehari dan perlu dilakukan pada masa yang sama setiap hari. Contohnya ambil bacaan kepekatan oksigen 3 kali sehari selepas makan tengahari.
  2. Lakukan pengukuran tambahan jika anda merasakan berlaku perubahan terhadap kesihatan anda.

Hubungi Talian Hotline CPRC

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan mengenai penyakit Koronavirus 2019 iaitu Covid-19, sial hubungi: –

Talian Hotline CPRC 03-77239300 03-88810200/ 0600/0700
Whatsapp: 013-9279454 / 010-9699435

Talian Sokongan Psikososial Covid-19 Mercy Malaysia

Perkhidmatan talian sokongan psikososial Covid-19 Mercy Malaysia dikendalikan oleh petugas psikologi Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia dan sukarelawan MERCY Malaysia.

Hubungi talian sokongan psikososial di 03-29359935/014-3223392/011-63996482/011-63994236.

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