Oppo Watch 46mm Reviews

With a large and prominent screen display makes the Oppo Watch 46mm is a watch that is gaining popularity in the market at this time. With the tag line ‘keep up, keep in touch’, this watch comes in 2 color options, namely black and white.

3 Best Oppo Watch Reviews

Oppo Watch 46mm Summary

  • Review Title: Oppo Watch 46mm.
  • Available Models: 3
  • Review Category: #Smartphone
  • Price Range: 2 (where 1 is very cheap and 5 is very expensive based on a comparison of products in the same category)

Oppo Watch 46mm Product Highlights

Oppo Watch 46mm Reviews 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitoring
One of our favorite feature in Oppo Watch 46mm is 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitoring. Awesome!

First of all, this smartwatch uses Standalone LTE Connectivity and has a screen display known as Flexible Dual-Curved Display and uses Wear OS by Google ™.

Standalone LTE Connectivity

Standalone LTE Connectivity is a situation where you find it difficult to carry your smartphone, but the Oppo Watch 46mm can still connect anywhere and anytime. This is because the Oppo Watch 46mm has an eSim function where your smartwatch has its own number and shares it with your smartphone. This means you can answer the phone without a smartphone on the side using the Oppo Watch 46mm.

It should be noted that this Standalone LTE Connectivity function can be done when your Oppo Watch 46mm smartwatch is already ‘pairing’ with your Android phone.

Wear OS by Google

Oppo Watch 46mm is using Wear OS by Google is an attractive, simple function and designed to maximize your time so that no time is wasted when browsing apps in Google Play.

Explore hundreds of apps in Google Play and activities like streaming music, replying to messages and checking headlines become easy. With Wear OS by Google, you can also make payments using Google Pay using Google Assistant and use Google Fit to track the workouts you do.

In short, this Oppo Watch 46mm can download hundreds of apps in Wear OS by Google to perform the following tasks: –

  1. Message notification.
  2. Online music.
  3. Mobile payment.
  4. Make schedule management.
  5. Quick reply.
  6. Monitor heart rate 24-hours.
  7. Keep track of the exercises performed.
  8. Find your phone.

Playing Music

Oppo Watch 46mm Reviews
With 21 days battery life, Oppo Watch 46mm is our top choice for smart watch

You can stream music or download your favourite songs with the Oppo Watch 46mm and the songs can be played at any time without your Android smartphone on hand.

Use headphones or earphones to listen to your favourite songs from Oppo Watch 46mm!

Let’s see the specifications of the Oppo Watch 46mm as follows: –

  • The Oppo Watch 46mm has a smart mode of up to 36 hours which is very durable compared to the 41mm model.
  • Power save mode can last up to 21 days.
  • Has a Flexible Dual-Curved display that makes the screen display clearer and larger.
  • Has a VOOC Flash Charging watch.
  • Has workout and health tracking functions.
  • Can dive up to a depth of 50-meter water resistance.
  • Has an ‘Outfit-Matching AI Watch Face’ function.
  • Dual-Chip Endurance System.

You can ask Google about the latest weather conditions, calendars, translations or whatever.

In our opinion, this smart watch is suitable for men and women (unisex) because the curved screen display design makes you happy to see and use this smart watch.

Pleased with the smart watch above? Or does anyone want a slightly smaller size? Well, let’s take a look at the second smartwatch that we want to review, which is the Oppo Watch 41mm, which is of course beautiful and elegant.

Oppo Watch 46mm Advantages

Dual-Chip Endurance System

The Dual-Chip Endurance System is a technology to ensure the Oppo Watch 46mm operates longer without having to charge frequently. With high -performance chips from Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and Ambiq Micro and Apollo 3 Wireless SoC can maximize battery life of up to 36 hours to 21 days. With 2 modes namely Smart Mode up to 36 hours and Power Saver Mode, you do not need to charge up to 21 days.










Our final opinion about Oppo Watch 46mm

After researching the specifications and long-lasting battery life, we decided that this Oppo Watch 46mm is a smart watch that should always be on your arm because it is perfect for men who care about fitness and look modern. You can own an Oppo Watch 46mm with a competitive price of RM1,199.

Now let’s make a review for the second smartwatch that is no less impressive which is the Oppo Watch 41mm which is a bit small in size but has solid features. You can click the link below for further reviews.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Oppo Watch 46mm?

Let’s get information on what are the 3 best Oppo 2022 watches to wear it every day at work, shopping or doing exercise activities.

Accordion ConteThe Oppo Watch 46mm is a good smartwatch with some nice features. It has an AMOLED display, long battery life, always-on heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counter, and built-in GPS. It also has a sporty appearance and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. However, the touchscreen interface is somewhat basic compared to other smartwatches. Additionally, it only works with Oppo phones and lacks NFC capability.nt

Oppo Watch 46mm is an excellent choice for those who want a smartwatch that offers plenty of features and options. It has a great display, long battery life, and seamlessly integrates with your apps and other apps. Additionally, the design of the watch is stylish and comfortable to wear. It also has a variety of features such as sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and stress tracking. All of these features make it a great choice for anyone who wants a powerful and versitile smartwatch.

Overall customer reviews seem to indicate that the Oppo Watch 46mm is a generally well-reviewed product. Numerous customers have reported that it is comfortable to wear, has a stylish design, and is relatively easy to use. Customers also seem pleased with the battery life and the built-in fitness tracking abilities.

The 3 best types of Oppo 2022 watches that you must buy are Oppo Watch 46mm, Oppo Watch 41mm and Oppo Band. It has many interesting functions suitable for you.

These three smart watches have their respective advantages with varying prices. Let’s get more information about the best smart watches from Oppo in terms of technology, technique, size, program capabilities and others.

Oppo Watch 46mm technical specifications

ColorsBlack/Glossy Gold
Dimension46×39×11.35mm (12.96mm including heart rate sensor)
Case MaterialsAluminum alloy
Strap Materials
Strap TypeFluororubber
Approx. WeightAbout 40g (without straps)
ButtonsHome button, Multifunction button
Screen TypeAMOLED Flexible Dual-Curved Display
Screen Size1.91″
Resolution402 x 476
Bluetooth VersionBT4.2,BLE
ChipQualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 & Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC
Supported Operating SystemsWear OS by Google™
Water Resistance Rating5ATM
SensorsTri-axial acceleration sensor/Gyroscope sensor/Geomagnetic sensor/Barometric sensor/Optical heartbeat sensor/Capacitance sensor/Ambient light sensor
Exercise ModesFitness Run/5-Min Workouts/Fat Burn Run/Outdoor Walk/Outdoor Cycling/Swimming
Health Monitoring FeaturesHeart rate monitoring/Sleep monitoring/Get Up Reminder/Guided breathing exercises
Battery Capacity430mAh (Typical value) /416mAh (Rated value)
Charging MethodMagnetic Charging
Maximum Use Time· Theoretical battery life in Smart mode – Up to 30 hours · Theoretical battery life in Power Saver mode – Up to 21 days
In the Box· Watch body (without strap)×1 · Fluororubber strap×1 · Charging base×1 · Quick Start Guide×1 · Safety Guide×1

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