Oppo Watch 41mm Reviews

The Oppo Watch 41mm is a combination of fashionable design and incredible performance. This stylish watch is packed with powerful features, from interactive notifications to automated activity tracking — and so much more. Get the Oppo Watch 41mm now and take your style to the next level.

Oppo Watch 41mm Reviews
The Oppo Watch 41mm is popular and equipped with long lasting battery. About the same feature you can get from Oppo Watch 46mm but in smaller size

Oppo Watch 41mm Summary

  • Review Title: Oppo Watch 41mm.
  • Available Models: 3
  • Review Category: #Smartwatch
  • Price Range: 3 (where 1 is very cheap and 5 is very expensive based on a comparison of products in the same category)

Oppo Watch 41mm Product Highlights

Coming in 2 captivating color options namely black and cream, the Oppo Watch 41mm is a smart watch that you must buy. With a medium design and not too big like the 46mm version, it turns out that this smart watch is an option for active women or men with smaller hand size.

The specifications of the Oppo Watch 41mm are as follows: –

  • Has a smart mode for up to 24 hours.
  • Power saver mode that can last up to 14 days.
  • ‘Watch VOOC Flash Charging’ charger function.
  • Has workout and health tracking functions.
  • Has 30-meter water resistance.
  • The best function is ‘Outfit-Matching AI Watch Face’.
  • Dual-Chip Endurance System.

With the Dual-Chip Endurance System technology, the Oppo Watch 41mm smartwatch battery can operate for 24 hours in smart mode and 14 days in Power Saver Mode.

If you want a smart watch that looks simple and can monitor the Sp02, you can get the Oppo Band which has great and best features. Let’s see the review below.

Lazy to wait until the battery is full? With the great technology is Watch VOOC Flash Charging, you don’t have to wait long. To achieve a 100% full battery is only 75 minutes and if you forgot to charge it to full, it is enough to charge for 15 minutes for one day’s use. (Note: 15 minutes of charging time can charge your battery to 46%).

Time To Dress Up Your Smartwatch!

Do you think only humans can dress up? Now with the Oppo Watch 41mm, your smartwatch can dress up to match the pattern and color of the clothes you wear. The method is simple, you just need to take a picture of your shirt and in the blink of an eye the Oppo Watch 41mm will use its AI algorithm to change the face of the watch to match the shirt you are wearing that day.

Ulasan Oppo Watch 41mm- Smartwatch terbaik!

Oppo Watch 41mm Reviews
Oppo Watch 41mm Reviews

Didatangkan dengan 2 warna pilihan yang menambat hati iaitu hitam dan krim, Oppo Watch 41mm adalah jam tangan pintar yang anda mesti beli. Dengan rekaan yang sedang-sedang dan tidak terlalu besar seperti versi 46mm, ternyata jam tangan pintar ini menjadi pilihan bagi wanita aktif atau lelaki yang bertubuh kecil yang menginginkan jam tangan pintar yang tidak terlalu besar saiznya.

Spesifikasi Oppo Watch 41mm adalah seperti berikut: –

  • Mempunyai smart mode sehingga 24 jam.
  • Power saver mode yang boleh bertahan sehingga 14 hari lamanya.
  • Fungsi pengecas ‘Watch VOOC Flash Charging’.
  • Mempunyai fungsi workout and health tracking.
  • Mempunyai 30-meter water resistance.
  • Fungsi terbaik iaitu ‘Outfit-Matching AI Watch Face’.
  • Dual-Chip Endurance System.

Dengan adanya teknologi Dual-Chip Endurance System, bateri jam tangan pintar Oppo Watch 41mm dapat beroperasi untuk 24 jam pada mod pintar dan 14 hari pada Power Saver Mode.

Jika anda ingin seutas jam tangan pintar kelihatan simple dan boleh memantau Sp02, anda boleh mendapatkan Oppo Band yang mempunyai ciri-ciri hebat dan terbaik. Mari kita lihat ulasannya dibawah.

Malas menunggu sehingga bateri penuh? Dengan teknologi hebat adalah Watch VOOC Flash Charging, anda tidak perlu menunggu lama. Untuk mencapai bateri penuh 100% hanyalah 75 minit dan jika anda terlupa mengecasnya sampai penuh, cukup dengan mengecas selama 15 minit untuk kegunaan satu hari. (nota: 15 minit masa mengecas dapat menaikkan bateri anda kepada 46%).

Keistimewaan Oppo Watch 41mm

Masa Untuk Berdandankan Jam Tangan Pintar anda!

Ingat manusia sahaja boleh berdandan ke? Kini dengan Oppo Watch 41mm, jam tangan pintar anda boleh berdandan sesuai dengan corak dan warna pakaian yang anda pakai. Caranya mudah sahaja, anda hanya perlu ambil gambar baju anda dan dengan sekelip mata sahaja Oppo Watch 41mm akan menggunakan algoritma AI nya untuk menukar muka jam yang sesuai dengan baju yang anda pakai pada hari itu.

Keputusan Kami

Oppo Watch 41mm ini sesuai bagi sesiapa sahaja yang ingin merakam rekod kesihatan dan kecergasan anda. Dengan jangka hayat bateri yang lama dan harga yang murah sedikit dari Oppo Watch 46mm, ini adalah jam tangan pintar yang perlu anda miliki.

Dengan warna yang ditawarkan iaitu hitam yang sesuai untuk lelaki dan perempuan juga warna pink gold yang lebih feminine untuk wanita, tidak hairanlah ramai wanita aktif memilih Oppo Watch 41mm sebagai pilihan mereka.

Anda boleh membeli di bilik pameran Oppo yang berdekatan atau terus beli atas talian.

Kita telah mengetahui kehebatan dua jam tangan pintar iaitu Oppo Watch 46mm dan Oppo Watch 41mm, sekarang mari kita ketahui jam tangan pintar terakhir yang kami ulas iaitu Oppo Band atau lebih dikenali sebagai Oppo Watch Sp02 di halaman seterusnya.

Our final opinion about Oppo Watch 41mm

This Oppo Watch 41mm is perfect for anyone who wants to record your health and fitness. With the long battery life and slightly cheaper price of the Oppo Watch 46mm, this is the smart watch you should have.

With the color offered, which is black which is suitable for men and women as well as pink gold which is more feminine for women, it is not surprising that many active women choose the Oppo Watch 41mm as their choice.

You can buy at a nearby Oppo showroom or buy directly online.

We have learned the best features of two smart watches namely Oppo Watch 46mm and Oppo Watch 41mm, now let’s know the last smart watch we reviewed which is Oppo Band or better known as Oppo Watch Sp02 on the next page.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Oppo Watch 41mm?

The Oppo Watch 41mm has generally received positive reviews due to its affordability and stylish design. It has a sleek design that is comfortable to wear and a long battery life. It also has a health monitoring system that tracks your activity and heart rate. With its premium features, it is a great option for those on a budget who want a good-looking and functional smartwatch.

The Oppo Watch 41mm is an incredibly stylish and advanced smartwatch that offers incredible value for money. It features a curved OLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass, an AMOLED display with an always-on screen, and advanced fitness tracking capabilities. It also offers advanced features such as a heart-rate monitor, step counter, sleep tracking, media playback, and 5 ATM water resistance. The Oppo Watch 41mm also has an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours, making it a great choice for users looking for a convenient and reliable smartwatch.

Customers are mostly satisfied with the Oppo Watch 41mm. According to reviews, customers appreciate the watch’s features, such as the long battery life, its light weight, the heart rate monitor, and its comfortable fit. Customers have complained about the lack of third-party app compatibility and some reported that there are some bugs with the software. Overall, customers are satisfied with the Oppo Watch 41mm.

Technical Data Oppo Watch 41mm

Let’s take a look at the technical data for the Oppo Watch 41mm smartwatch.

ColorsBlack/Pink Gold/Silver Mist
Dimension41.45×36.37×11.4mm (13mm including heart rate sensor)
Case MaterialsAluminum alloy
Strap Materials
Strap TypeFluororubber
Approx. WeightAbout 30.1g (without straps)
ButtonsHome button, Multifunction button
Screen TypeRigid AMOLED Screen
Screen Size1.6″
Resolution320 x 360
Bluetooth VersionBT4.2,BLE
ChipQualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 & Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC
Supported Operating Systems
Water Resistance Rating3ATM
SensorsTri-axial acceleration sensor/Gyroscope sensor/Geomagnetic sensor/Barometric sensor/Optical heartbeat sensor/Capacitance sensor/Ambient light sensor
Exercise ModesFitness Run/5-Min Workouts/Fat Burn Run/Outdoor Walk/Outdoor Cycling/Swimming
Health Monitoring FeaturesHeart rate monitoring/Sleep monitoring/Get Up Reminder/Guided breathing exercises
Battery Capacity300mAh (Typical value) /289mAh (Rated value)
Charging MethodMagnetic Charging
Maximum Use Time· Theoretical battery life in Smart mode – Up to 24 hours · Theoretical battery life in Power Saver mode – Up to 14 days
PROCESSORQualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 & Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC
In the Box· Watch body (without strap)×1 · Fluororubber strap×1 · Charging base×1 · Quick Start Guide×1 · Safety Guide×1

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