NetCare Sanitizer Spray Review

NetCare Sanitizer Spray Review 1
NetCare Sanitizer Spray Review

This time we will make a review on NetCare Sanitizer Spray 500ml which can be sanitized in various ways. We think this NetCare Sanitizer Spray is the best sanitary spray in addition to keeping the skin from peeling and redness.

The terrifying Covid-19 pandemic

In the Covid-19 pandemic, many people need alcohol sanitizer spray to prevent their hands from being exposed to the deadly Covid-19 virus. In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOF), you must practice 3W in our daily lives. And what is 3W?

  • What is 3W?

    3W is a guildeline that must be practiced while you are outdoors to prevent the covid-19 virus from infecting you. The 3W is wash, wear and warn.

    1. Wash: means you must regularly wash your hands every time you touch a surface such as pressing the lift button, opening the door, after making a cash payment and others. Aside from frequent hand washing, you are encouraged to use alcohol sanitizer every time you touch a surface.
    2. Wear: means you must wear a face mask. Face masks are MANDATORY in Malaysia during the Covid-19 pandemic and you must wear face masks everywhere you go. You are advised to wear a double mask, ie wear 2 face mask to reduce the risk of Covid-19 virus infection.
    3. Warn: means you must listen to warnings and advice from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) from time to time.

    If you practice 3W anywhere, InsyaAllah you will not be infected with Delta or Omicron variant Covid-19 virus.

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer is a very popular spray liquid and is proven to effectively kill 99.99% of germs. It has a 75% alcohol content which is enough to kill the Covid-19 virus. For your information, according to WHO, the minimum content to kill Covid-19 virus is 70% and NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer gives an additional 5% more alcohol making the total alcohol content 75%.

Uses of NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer

In addition to the palms of the hands which are the main cause of bacterial reproduction and Covid -19 Virus, NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer can be used on other places or surfaces such as: –

  • Air.
  • Rough surface.
  • Protect hands.

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer for Germ -Free Fresh Air

If we smell an unpleasant odor while in the toilet, you can spray NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer into the air and in the blink of an eye the foul odor disappears. We always use it on mattresses that have invisible mites and bacteria.

Alternatively, you can spray into the bedroom air at home or hotel that has an unpleasant musty smell. And if your car air conditioner is not equipped with a water purification system like nano-e, you can apply some spray to the car seat, carpet to get rid of bacteria and germs in the car.

NetCare Sanitizer Spray Review
NetCare Sanitizer Spray Review

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer for Surface Spray

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer is very easy to use to spray surfaces such as desks, computer keyboards and smartphones. The non -sticky nature of NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer and does not leave traces when dry makes this product able to protect the surfaces of our homes and appliances from harmful bacteria and germs.

Alternatively, you can spray NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer on dusty study desks, boxes or drawers and door knobs. All places that are easily touched by hand are breeding areas of bacteria and viruses that must be eliminated altogether.

Q&A: How do I use alcohol sanitizer to clean the surface from harmful germs and bacteria?

The trick is to spray on the desired spot and let it dry. You can also wipe the excess area that was sprayed with a dry cloth.

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer to Protect Hands

Apart from surface sprays and rough surfaces, NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer must also be sprayed on the palms of the hands as it is non -sticky and nourishes the hands with aloe vera and vitamin E. It also smells orange and is colorless.

Regularly use NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer for your palms to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus. The comfortable taste and dries quickly makes us believe the alcohol content as stated on the label is 75% alcohol.

Advantages of NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer

Among the advantages of NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer are as follows: –

  • It does not stick to hands like alcohol sanitizer gel or like other liquid spray products.
  • Contains aloe vera to nourish hands.
  • Contains vitamin E which is very good for the skin.
  • 75% alcohol content.
  • Extensive use beyond gel sanitizers.
  • Pleasant orange scent.
  • Does not leave color marks when sprayed on rough surfaces.
  • This product does not need to be rinsed after use.
  • Using non -toxic alcohol and safe for humans.
  • Toilet bowl disinfectant.

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer Ingredients

Contains active ingredients such as denated alcohol, isopropyl alcohol. Inactive ingredients are water, glycerin, aloe bardadensis leaf juice, tocopheryl acetate.

NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer is produced by Nozomi Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Products made in Malaysia, ISSA membership and flammable. Use carefully.

Do not store NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer in a car or hot place.

You can get NetCare Alcohol Sanitizer at Caring Pharmacies nationwide in 500ml or 5,000ml bottles.

Let’s cultivate a new norm by regularly using sanitizer. Protect yourself, protect all.

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