Moccona Coffee Reviews

Moccona Coffee Reviews
Choose the best selected coffee for your taste from Moccona Coffee Reviews

Moccona coffee is an instant coffee brand that is known to all. Apart from Nescafe, Moccona is in high demand instant coffee in Malaysia. Previously this brand was available at leading supermarkets such as Mercato at Pavilion Bukit Bintang, selected Aeon, Village Grocer, TMC or at Jaya Grocer, but now you can get Moccona coffee at supermarkets near your home. Currently Moccona instant coffee powder is available at 99 Speed ​​Mart.

What if the world was without coffee? Everyone will be sleepy and not eager to start the day for work. For those who work 9 or 10 hours a day will definitely feel tired and lifeless even after getting enough sleep last night.

Similarly, university and college students, when the exam season is started, many of us will be looking for a drink that refreshes the eyes so that they can do a revision well. Coffee can relieve drowsiness when revision lessons. Some will feel refreshed and can learn all night. That’s how the benefit of coffee is.

Upgrade a Little

For quick coffee preparation, we usually bought a 3-in-1 pre-mixed instant coffee that is indeed easy to brew. Just need to heat the water and after the hot water boils, just pre-mix the instant coffee into the cup. It’s so easy to enjoy a cup of coffee.

But for those who want to get a taste of real coffee while revision lessons or doing assignments, Moccona is the best choice because this coffee is freeze dried instant coffee. You can make coffee for yourself or you can make a teapot to give to your friends.

If instant pre-mixed coffee is suitable for one cup, Moccona can be brewed for 4 to 5 individuals. More economical than one sachet of instant pre-mixed coffee.

The World Is Busy or Are We Being Busy?

Playing video games doesn’t require a cup of coffee to keep us fresh. But having a cup of coffee can keep us from road accidents or refresh our minds from losing focus in studies or work.

No matter how busy you are, look for sweet moments to enjoy a cup of Moccona coffee. These little moments need to be looked for every day!

History of Moccona

In 1925, when the world was rocked by the Coffee phenomenon, the “Moccona” names did not yet exist. The business was named Douwe Egberts which means Douwe son of Egberts. To honor and perpetuate father’s services as founder, the Douwe Egberts red seal logo was introduced and the logo remains on the Moccona jar to this day.

Coffee Madness of All

When instant coffee became the craze in Europe, Douwe Egberts launched the legendary brand Moccona. In 1960, Australia took Moccona’s first order with a cylindrical and gold-labeled glass jar.

Since then, Moccona’s reputation has risen and become a world -class quality. The beautiful, elegant jar design and premium coffee helped a lot to increase the sales volume. The brand has become a favorite in many supermarkets with frozen dry instant coffee being the most popular.

Using Two of the World's Best Coffee Beans

Moccona coffee is created using two world -famous coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. But why Arabica and Robusta? Arabica has a soft and sweet taste with berries giving a delicious acidity sensation while Robusta has more caffeine and makes a deep rich taste brew.

Every time you smell the aroma of Moccona, you know that the coffee you produce is indeed solid and creates moments of pure satisfaction within you.

Types of Moccona Instant Coffee

There are many types of instant coffee produced including Moccona Indulgence, Classic Medium Roast, Classic Dark Roast, Espresso Style, Hazelnut, Classic Decaffeinated, Cappuccino, Latte and Flat White.

Which coffee is our favourite?

In our opinion, Moccona Indulgence and Espresso Style are the best frozen instant coffee we have ever tried. For the best taste of coffee, you can buy Indulgence and Espresso Style. Both of these types of coffee will usually run out of stock in display shelves in supermarkets. If the supermarket has made an increase in stock, we will definitely buy a few jars of coffee as storage stock at home.

Let’s get a review on the types of freeze-dried instant coffee produced.

Moccona Indulgence Instant Coffee

Moccona Indulgence
Our all time favorite Moccona Indulgence in full bodied flavor. We really like it!

The best frozen instant coffee we have ever tried, if you are new to Moccona Coffee, Moccona Indulgence is the ultimate choice. Using label number 8, Indulgence is a symbol of pure coffee with a ‘round and full-bodied flavor’.

On the front label is the words Specialty Blend Indulgence 8, velvety and full bodied. The back label reads “A blend of choice specialty 100% Arabica beans have been carefully selected to give Moccona Indulgence a full bodied and velvety flavor. Indulgence is a dark roast coffee for the most indulgent coffee experience”.

Available in 100-gram jars.

Moccona Indulgence My Style

As hardcore coffee enthusiasts, we always do experiments on a particular brand of coffee that is produced. Some like coffee without milk and some like milk coffee. It all depends on individual tastes.

In our opinion, Moccona Indulgence is good if without milk or the Americano way. This is because if you choose other than barista full cream milk that is slightly fragrant will ruin the taste of coffee. So, we chose the safe path the Americano way for Moconna Indulgence. It’s best to drink without sugar or put in a little sugar and you’ll be able to taste how to indulgence yourself!

Moccona Espresso Style Instant Coffee

We like the taste of Moconna Espresso Style. The best instant coffee you can get in supermarket.
We like the taste of Moccona Espresso Style. The best instant coffee you can get in supermarket.

If you want a strong taste just drinking a cup of coffee, Moccona Espresso Style is the answer. With a good taste of Italian espresso intensity, you can enjoy a cup of coffee just like the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee in a cafe but in the form of dried frozen instant coffee. This coffee is ‘bold and intense’.

Coffee jars are labeled with the number 10 and are easily recognizable by the green bottle label. On the back label it says “Espresso style: Experience a bold and intense espresso style dried coffee. This dark roast coffee has a strong, bold character ideal for those who desire a more intense coffee experience.”

There are 2 jar sizes of Moccona Espresso Style coffee that you can choose from, namely 100 grams and 200 grams.

Moccona Espresso Style My Style

If our Indulgence favors the Americano way, but for the Moccona Espresso Style, we’ll pour milk making like a café latte. We use UHT full cream milk such as Farm House brand or Nestle Barista Milk Professional because your coffee you made is like coffee in the world’s leading coffee shop.

If you like it cold, you can put some ice cubes or ice blended. There is no specific dosage to get a pure taste. Usually, we will use 80% full milk of UHT cream and another 20% water to get the taste of coffee and milk that is thick and sticks to the throat. You can imitate my way or make to your liking. We recommend “more milk, more coffee, more alluring!”

Moccona Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee

Another type of coffee you can try if you are experiencing severe migraine problems or an absurd headache, Moccona Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee is your answer. It’s easy to recognize this product. It is labeled with the number 5 and is blue label. It still retains the ‘full-bodied flavor’ characteristics and rich aroma like Moccona Classic but contains no caffeine. Try a cup of Moccona Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee now!

This coffee is very suitable to drink every day because sometimes we do not need the caffeine. As is well known, high caffeine content in the body is not good for health.

  • What is Caffeine?

    Caffeine is a natural substance commonly found in tea, coffee and cocoa beans. The function of caffeine is to stimulate the brain and central nervous system to stay alert and stay focused to avoid feeling tired and drowsy. Often people will drink a cup of strong coffee to get refreshed before starting work or while driving a vehicle for a long period of time.

  • What are the side effects of caffeine?

    Many associate drinking coffees with migraines, severe headaches and loss of drowsiness. For those with severe side effects it is recommended to stop consuming caffeine -based beverages or buy coffee with a decaffeinated label.

Other Moccona

Apart from the coffee we mentioned above, you can try Moccona Classic Medium Roast, Classic Dark Roast, Hint of Natural Hazelnut Swirl, Cappuccino, Latte and Flat White (White Espresso). All the coffee is of high quality and suitable for all coffee lovers.

Our Verdict

We are very lucky because there are many friends who promote coffee drinking. There are also good friends who always try different brands of coffee. And on average, most of us choose Moccona as the best coffee in the Instant Coffee category. Our family also chose this brand as a family brand. With a jar that has air tight technology (it is difficult for outside air to enter the jar) makes Moccona coffee powder not hardening or sticky or change color and taste.

Moccona jars are the best for preserving the quality of the coffee powder so that it is always fresh and does not get wind easily when opened regularly. We want high quality coffee when buying and still maintain the freshness quality even after being opened several times. This is the best guarantee for you to enjoy coffee at home with the whole family. That’s all for the reviews on about favorite coffee brands. If you have any questions or promotions, please contact us. Thank you.

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