Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game review

Get ready for the ultimate racing experience Gran Turismo 7 on Sony PS5. Engage in thrilling races across exotic settings with amazing visuals & physics. Experience the ultimate in realism and challenge your friends!

Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game review

Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game summary

Gran Turismo 7 Sony PlayStation 5 game highlights

Gran Turismo 7 offers an immersive and thrilling racing experience exclusively on Sony PlayStation, available for both PS5 and PS4. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, the game provides players with various play styles, including VR options with PlayStation VR2 (optional). Engage in competitive online play with up to 20 players and enjoy the option for remote play.

Experience the excitement of Gran Turismo 7, the ultimate racing game with a vast array of cars and tracks, allowing for 1-2 players offline and supporting PS Plus for online multiplayer action.

Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game overview

Gran Turismo® 7 is the ultimate Real Driving Simulator, combining the finest features in an immersive racing experience. Buy Gran Turismo® 7 on Sony PlayStation Store:

  • Standard Edition available for Sony PS4.
  • Standard Edition available for PS4 and Sony PlayStation 5
  • Digital Deluxe Edition available for Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony PlayStation 5, includes 1,500,000 CR (in-game credit), Special Toyota GR Yaris, 30 PSN Avatars, and Official soundtrack.

Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game storyline

Gran Turismo 7 offers something for every racing enthusiast, providing an extensive collection of game modes like GT Campaign, Arcade, and Driving School, catering to competitive racers, collectors, tuners, livery designers, and photographers alike. The legendary GT Simulation Mode returns, allowing players to buy, tune, and race their way through a rewarding solo campaign, unlocking new cars and challenges.

For those seeking thrilling competition, the GT Sport Mode provides the perfect platform to hone skills and compete against others. With a vast lineup of over 420 cars available at Brand Central and the Used Car Dealership, the game meticulously recreates classic motors and cutting-edge supercars, each offering a unique handling experience on over 90 track routes with dynamic weather conditions, including iconic courses from Gran Turismo history.

Gran Turismo® 7 showroom: Get a glimpse of some premiere cars featured in Gran Turismo® 7.

  • Porsche 917 LIVING LEGEND: A hypercar inspired by the legendary Porsche 917 racer, paying tribute to its Le Mans victory in 1970. Features advanced technology, lightweight carbon fiber chassis, and a powerful turbocharged 8-cylinder engine with about 1014ps output.
  • Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20: The 2020 model of the GR Supra RZ, with optimal weight distribution, low center of gravity, and a twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine powering the rear wheels.
  • Dallara SF19 Super Formula/Toyota ’19: Built for Japan’s Super Formula Series, designed to meet F1 safety requirements with a HALO cockpit protection system. Improved aerodynamics and stability for close-proximity racing, equipped with a Toyota engine.
  • Porsche 917K ’70: Porsche’s significant model in motorsports history, the 917K, delivered the manufacturer’s first overall victory at Le Mans. Comes with different engine options, including 4.5-liter, 4.9-liter, and 5.0-liter air-cooled flat-12 engines. Fast and ferocious on the track.

Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game more storyline

Gran Turismo 7 brings the best features from the franchise’s history.

  • The best of Gran Turismo: Experience the Real Driving Simulator with new tools to personalize your driving experiences.
  • Dream garage: Collect, tune, race, and customize hundreds of cars, creating your dream garage collection.
  • Connect and compete: Join an international community of drivers to share race strategies, tuning tips, livery designs, and photos, and then challenge others on the track.
  • Internet required: Most functionality requires an internet connection.

Gran Turismo 7 Digital Deluxe Edition: Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Real Driving Simulator with this special edition. Includes Sony PS5 and PS4 digital versions: Get access to both versions of the game for both consoles. Digital bonus content:

  • Toyota GR Yaris: A special car included in the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • 30 Partner Avatars: Unlock a collection of avatars featuring partners of the game.
  • +1,500,000 In-Game Credits: Start with a bonus of 1,500,000 in-game credits.
  • Official Soundtrack: Enjoy the music from the game with the included official soundtrack.

Play Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game advantages

Play Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game advantages:

  • Stunning visuals with ray tracing support on Sony PS5, offering 4K and HDR at a targeted 60fps framerate.
  • Fast loading times with the PS5’s ultra-high-speed SSD for quick race events, lobbies, and navigation through menus.
  • Adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller provide realistic feedback for the anti-lock brake system and wheel spins, with varying braking resistance for different cars.
  • Haptic feedback immerses players in the sensations of the road, from subtle bumps to the grooves of the kerb.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible headphones allows players to sense the position of other cars and drivers on the road with exceptional clarity.

Our final opinion about Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game

Our final opinion on Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game is that it is an excellent game that is sure to please any fan of racing and racing simulator games. With its realistic graphics, detailed physics, and robust customization options, this Sony PlayStation game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and race experience to anyone who plays the game. Whether you are a casual or hardcore racing fan, Gran Turismo 7 is sure to provide an immersive and enjoyable racing experience.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Gran Turismo 7 Sony PS5 game?

Yes, Gran Turismo 7 for Sony PS5 is an excellent game, particularly for fans of the racing genre. It boasts an incredibly detailed and extensive roster of vehicles alongside meticulously recreated racing tracks. The game takes full advantage of the PS5’s capabilities, delivering stunning 4K graphics and impressively realistic driving physics. It also provides a compelling career mode that allows for substantial player progress.

However, the game maintains a high level of difficulty and complexity, which may pose a challenge for new players, but can also enhance the level of satisfaction and accomplishment during gameplay. Therefore, Gran Turismo 7 is a high-quality racing game that appeals to both long-time franchise fans and newcomers.

Gran Turismo 7 for Sony PS5 is a must-play for several reasons. Firstly, it delivers a stellar racing experience, complete with stunning real-time ray-tracing graphics that showcase the PS5’s capabilities. The game features an unparalleled roster of cars and tracks, all intricately detailed and realistic. Secondly, Gran Turismo 7 boasts a comprehensive campaign mode that offers nostalgic trips to its roots, including the legendary used car dealerships and quaint coffee breaks.

With rewarding progression, you will experience the history and evolution of automobiles.

Finally, it introduces greater vehicle customization and tuning options, allowing you to tailor your cars to your driving preferences. Moreover, the game’s advanced physics engine provides exceptional driving realism and meticulous control feedback. With its refined graphics, comprehensive mode, and passion for automotive history, Gran Turismo 7 offers not just a game, but a remarkable racing journey.

Gran Turismo 7 for Sony PS5 is a racing simulator game. It falls under the broader genre of sports games, but its emphasis on realistic driving mechanics and the technical aspects of car handling and performance place it specifically within the racing simulation subgenre.

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