Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch

Stay active and stylish with the Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch! Track activity & sleep, enjoy classic looks plus advanced tech features. Learn more here.

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch summary

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch product highlights

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch product highlights are:

  1. Indulge in the timeless elegance of analog style with an experience that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity.
  2. With up to 4 days of battery life, Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch not only looks stunning but also keeps up with your busy lifestyle.
  3. Hidden beneath its classic exterior lies a touchscreen display that can be revealed with a simple tap or swipe, adding a touch of contemporary convenience to your everyday routine.
  4. Monitor crucial aspects of your well-being, including stress levels, sleep patterns, energy levels, and more with Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch. Embrace the perfect harmony of style, functionality, and personal insights with this exceptional timepiece.

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch specifications

Maximize your well-being with comprehensive health monitoring features with Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch:

  • Monitor your wrist-based heart rate with precision as the watch samples your heart rate multiple times per second, providing alerts if it remains too high or too low while at rest.
  • Experience a comprehensive understanding of your body’s energy levels throughout the day with the Body Battery Energy Monitor, empowering you to identify optimal times for activity and rest.
  • Gain valuable insights into your sleep quality and recovery through improved sleep monitoring, receiving a sleep score, sleep stage breakdown, Pulse Ox, respiration, and detailed analytics.
  • The Pulse Ox sensor measures blood oxygen saturation, providing valuable insights into your body’s oxygen absorption.
  • Continuous stress tracking informs you of your daily stress levels, with relax reminders prompting breathing exercises during stressful moments.
  • Track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy, log symptoms, access educational content, and view details directly on your wrist using the Women’s Health Tracking app.
  • Log your daily fluid intake and receive hydration tracking that adjust based on sweat loss during activities.
  • Monitor your respiration throughout the day, during sleep, and during breathwork and yoga activities.
  • Discover your fitness age, estimating if your body is younger or older based on various factors, and receive tips to lower your fitness age.
  • Engage in mindful breathing exercises to relax and improve focus, with the watch tracking stress and respiration for a better understanding of your breathing patterns.
  • Elevate your workout routine and add versatility with Garmin’s preload sports apps activity profiles designed for a range of exercises. Whether you prefer the mindful practice of yoga, the intensity of strength training, the heart-pumping cardio sessions, or the refreshing pool swimming sessions, you can switch up your activities effortlessly.
  • Experience enhanced tracking with Garmin’s updated intensity minutes feature. Now, you can gain a clearer understanding of when throughout the day you accumulated those valuable minutes and the specific activity you were engaged in. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a heart-pumping run, or any other timed activity, you have the option to view your intensity minutes as a dedicated data field, providing real-time insights into your progress. Stay motivated and informed as you monitor your activity levels and make the most of every minute towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Receive smart notifications, including emails, texts, and alerts, directly on your watch, with the ability to respond to texts on Apple or Android phones.
  • Utilize safety and tracking features, Stay connected and ensure your safety with Garmin’s seamless pairing between your watch and phone. When these devices are synced, you have the ability to send a message containing your live location to your chosen contacts. This can be done manually for added control, or during outdoor walk, run, or ride activities, it can be triggered automatically using the built-in incident detection feature. With this advanced functionality, you can have peace of mind knowing that help can be summoned swiftly in case of emergencies, keeping you protected during your outdoor adventures.
  • Access your health and fitness information, connect and compete with friends, sign up for challenges, and more with the Garmin Connect app, all without any subscription fees.
  • Experience the captivating precision of Garmin’s chronograph timer and stopwatch feature as the seconds tick away in perfect harmony, with the hands on the watch synchronizing to function as both a stopwatch and a timer.
  • With its impressive water rating, this watch is built to withstand aquatic environments, making it the perfect companion for swimming, showering, or indulging in a relaxing spa day.

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch battery

Maximize your mobility with a remarkable battery life on Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch that keeps you going. In smartwatch mode, this watch can last up to an impressive 4 days, ensuring you stay connected and in control. Even when used as an analog-only timepiece, you can enjoy an additional day of battery life, extending its functionality. With the convenience of wireless charging, simply place the watch on most Qi-certified charging pads (not included) to replenish its power.

And here’s the best part about Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch: just fifteen minutes of charging adds up to a full day of battery life in smartwatch mode, providing a quick and efficient solution for those on the move. Embrace uninterrupted performance and the freedom of wireless charging as you conquer your day with confidence.

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch advantages

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch advantages are:

  1. Classic and Stylish Design: The Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch features a classic and stylish analog watch design that offers timeless, modern appeal.
  2. Easy To Read Displays: The hybrid smartwatch features two full color, crystal clear displays that are highly visible and easy to read.
  3. Long Battery Life: The Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch has a long battery life of up to 5 days.
  4. Activity Tracking: The Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch tracks your steps, calories, and distance traveled and provides vibration alerts when you meet your fitness goals.
  5. Heart Rate Monitor: The watch has a built-in optical heart rate monitor that lets you track your heart rate.
  6. Notifications: The watch sends you notifications from your smartphone such as text messages, incoming calls, and app alerts.
  7. Sleep Monitoring: The Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch tracks your sleep and helps you monitor your sleep quality.

Our final opinion about Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch

Our final opinion about Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch is that it is an excellent product that offers a combination of classic style and modern technology. Its design and features make it a great choice for those who prefer a stylish and unique timepiece with smart features. It is a great option for those who are looking for a multifunctional device that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. It provides users with great convenience and versatility, which will help them stay connected while looking stylish.

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch technical specifications

Garmin Vivomove Trend hybrid smartwatch technical specifications are:

Lens Materialchemically strengthened glass.
Bezel Materialstainless steel
Case materialfiber-reinforced polymer
Quick Release bandsyes (20 mm, Industry standard)
Strap materialsilicone
Physical size

40.4 x 40.4 x 11.9 mm

Fits wrists with a circumference of 125-190 mm

Display Size1.01″ x 0.74″ (25.6 mm x 18.8 mm)
Display resolution254 x 346 pixels
Display Typeliquid crystal
  • Case only: 28.3 g
  • With silicone strap: 43.3 g
Water rating5 ATM
Battery life
  • Smartwatch mode: up to 4 days
  • Watch mode: up to 1 additional day
  • Battery life will vary depending upon usage and selected performance mode.
Charging methodGarmin proprietary clip charger and compatible with most Qi-certified wireless charging pads
Memory/History10 timed activities; 14 days of activity tracking data

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