Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch

Explore the wilderness with the Garmin Enduro 2 Solar Power GPS Smartwatch: up to 46 days of battery life with solar charging, built-in navigation, and advanced activity tracking features now!

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch summary

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch product highlights

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch product highlights:

  • Solar charging provides extra-long GPS battery life for endurance activities
  • Offers best-in-class battery life for the longest races
  • Up to 150 hours of battery life in GPS mode with solar charging
  • SatIQ technology maximizes battery life without sacrificing positional accuracy
  • Built-in TopoActive maps and NextFork map guide to help you navigate
  • Superbright LED flashlight for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions
  • Grade-adjusted performance metrics for improved training insights

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch features

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch features:

  • SOLAR CHARGED BATTERY: The Solar Charged Battery ensures a long-lasting power supply for your smartwatch, offering up to 34 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, along with an additional 12 days when utilizing solar charging. This provides an uninterrupted monitoring of your health and fitness. Additionally, in GPS mode, the battery can last up to 150 hours with solar charging, allowing you to track your performance in training and races effectively.
  • BUILT FOR EXTREMES: Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the smartwatch features a rugged, sophisticated, and lightweight design. It boasts a large 1.4″ solar charged display and a 51 mm case with a sapphire lens, ensuring durability and protection. Moreover, the UltraFit band is specifically engineered to provide comfort even during long-distance activities and challenging environments.
  • TOUCHSCREEN AND BUTTONS: The smartwatch combines the convenience of traditional button controls, suitable for any environment, with a responsive touchscreen interface that allows for quick access to various selections and functions. This intuitive interface enhances usability, making it easy for users to navigate and operate the smartwatch efficiently.
  • TRAIL RUN VO2 MAX: Trail run VO2 max from Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch estimates the cardiovascular fitness level of trail runners, taking into account the varying trail and terrain conditions that can impact performance.
  • ULTRARUN ACTIVITY: Make use of the ultrarun activity, which includes a rest timer to track the time spent at aid stations during long-distance runs.
  • ADVENTURE RACING APP: The adventure racing app provides an activity profile that displays heart rate, elevation, segment times, and other metrics during races from your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch. It records GPS data but is not accessible or viewing to comply with adventure race rules. A summary screen helps verify your finish time with the race committee.
  • CLIMBPRO FEATURE: Utilize the ClimbPro ascent planner on downloaded courses to receive real-time information about upcoming climbs, including gradient, distance, and elevation gain. It also provides details on descents and flat sections.
  • PACEPRO TECHNOLOGY: The innovative PacePro from Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch feature helps you stay on pace during a run by providing guidance that adjusts based on the course’s grade.
  • GRADE-ADJUSTED PACE: Understand how to adapt your running pace to different terrains, ensuring you maintain your energy levels throughout the entire activity.
  • VISUAL RACE PREDICTOR: Based on your running history and overall fitness level, the visual race predictor gives you an estimate of your potential pace for a specific distance. Trend data from Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch shows how your training is impacting your performance over time.
  • HEAT AND ALTITUDE ACCLIMATION: When connected to your compatible smartphone, monitor how your body adjusts to different environments through heat and altitude acclimation features.
  • PERFORMANCE METRICS: Access advanced training metrics, including running dynamics, heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max, trail running adjustment, recovery advisor, and more.
  • AUTOMATIC REST TIMER: Your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch automatically tracks the time spent at aid stations or checkpoints, eliminating the need for you to manually pause your run.

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch more features

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch more features:

  • BUILT-IN SPORTS APPS: Take advantage of the preloaded activity profiles for various sports, including trail running, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, golfing, surfing, indoor climbing, and more.
  • RECOVERY TIME ADVISOR: After each workout, the recovery time advisor informs you when you’ll be ready for another intense workout. It considers factors like training intensity, stress levels, daily activity, and sleep.
  • DAILY WORKOUT SUGGESTIONS: Receive personalized training guidance with daily run and ride recommendations from Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatchbased on your current training load and fitness level.
  • BACKCOUNTRY SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING: Stay informed during backcountry skiing or splitboarding sessions on your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch. Track your performance on the slopes and analyze your efforts during ascents and descents.
  • XC SKI DYNAMICS: When paired with the HRM-Pro chest strap (sold separately), the ski power metric measures the exercise load of your cross-country workouts.
  • SURF-READY FEATURES: Prepare for your surfing sessions with surf-ready features with Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch. The Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch works with Surfline Sessions, capturing videos of every wave you ride in front of a Surfline camera. Review and analyze your performance later with a Surfline Sessions subscription.
  • MTB DYNAMICS: From Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch, capture detailed metrics of every mountain biking ride, including specialized Grit™ and Flow™ measurements that rate trail difficulty and smoothness of descents, allowing you to challenge your own score on future rides.
  • HRV STATUS: On Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch, gain deeper insights into your overall health, training, and recovery through heart rate variability analysis while you sleep, utilizing technology developed by the Firstbeat Analytics™ team.
  • WRIST-BASED RUNNING POWER: Monitor the power you exert while running on trails or roads from Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch, providing valuable information to manage your effort and refine your training, without the need for additional accessories.
  • TRAINING STATUS: Receive valuable feedback on your training efforts, productivity, and overall performance using indicators such as HRV status, recent exercise history, and performance levels. This helps you understand if you’re training effectively, reaching peak performance, or experiencing strain.

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch advantages

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch advantages:

  • BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: Navigate in low-light conditions with ease using the built-in superbright multi-LED flashlight from Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch. Access a bright, steady beam in red or white light for guidance.
  • SATIQ TECHNOLOGY: The AutoSelect mode utilizes SatIQ technology to automatically select the optimal GPS mode. This maximizes battery life without compromising the accuracy of your position.
  • MULTI-BAND GNSS SUPPORT: Access multiple global navigation satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo on your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch. This ensures improved position accuracy, especially in areas with weak signals or obstacles.
  • NEXTFORK™ MAP GUIDE: With Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch, stay on track while on the trail with the NextFork™ map guide. Glance at the distance to the next trail intersection and view the name of the upcoming trail for easy navigation.
  • UP AHEAD: Stay informed about selected points of interest (POI) checkpoints ahead. Get a quick view of performance metrics, split times, distance/elevation, and a summary of key trail points.
  • ABC SENSORS: Navigate confidently with ABC sensors via Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch: an altimeter for elevation data, a barometer to monitor weather changes, and a 3-axis electronic compass for accurate direction.
  • SKIVIEW MAPS: Conquer the slopes with preloaded SkiView maps. View run names and difficulty ratings for over 2,000 ski resorts worldwide.
  • MULTICONTINENT TOPO MAPS: Explore with confidence using preloaded TopoActive maps from around the world. Stay on track by easily loading and updating maps and software through built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • MORNING REPORT: Receive an overview of your sleep, recovery, and training outlook upon waking up. Get insights on HRV status, training readiness, and weather. Customize the report to see the data that matters to you.
  • WRIST-BASED HEART RATE: Using Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch to monitor activity intensity and stress levels with optical heart rate technology with Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch. It gauges heart rate variability, providing valuable insights without the need for a chest strap. It even works underwater.
  • PULSE OX SENSOR: Using Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch to track altitude acclimation and monitor sleep quality with the built-in Pulse Ox sensor. It uses light beams to measure your body’s oxygen absorption levels.
  • HEALTH SNAPSHOT FEATURE: Capture key health stats, including heart rate, heart rate variability, Pulse Ox, respiration, and stress, in a 2-minute session. Generate a report to share via the Garmin Connect app.
  • BODY BATTERY ENERGY MONITORING: Optimize your energy levels based on heart rate variability, stress, sleep, and other data. Gauge when it’s time to be active or rest for better overall performance.
  • SLEEP SCORE AND ADVANCED SLEEP MONITORING: Using Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch to get a comprehensive breakdown of your sleep stages, including light, deep, and REM sleep. View your sleep score and gain insights into your sleep quality.
  • RESPIRATION TRACKING: Keep track of your breathing patterns throughout the day, during sleep, and during breathwork or yoga activities.
  • HYDRATION TRACKING: Log your daily fluid intake to stay hydrated. When enabled, the watch estimates sweat loss after activities and adjusts your hydration goal accordingly.
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Stay connected with emails, texts, and alerts directly on your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch when paired with a compatible device.
  • MUSIC APPS: Enjoy your favorite music by downloading songs and playlists from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music accounts (subscription may be required). Use wireless headphones for a phone-free listening experience.
  • SAFETY AND TRACKING FEATURES: Enhance your safety with built-in incident detection that can send your location to your contacts automatically during select outdoor activities. Stay connected and protected.
  • CONNECT IQ STORE: Customize your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch with custom watch faces, data fields, apps, and widgets from the Connect IQ Store. Personalize your experience and expand the functionality of your Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch.

Our final opinion about Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch

Garmin Enduro 2 Solar Power GPS Smartwatch is a great choice for athletes, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. It offers a comprehensive set of features like GPS tracking, solar charging, and multiple activity modes. It is also waterproof and has a long battery life, making it an ideal smartwatch for all types of outdoor activities. The watch is also stylish, with a large display and comfortable strap that make it easy to wear.

Overall, the Garmin Enduro 2 Solar Power GPS Smartwatch is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable watch.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch?

The Garmin Enduro 2 Solar Power is a good device with great features. It includes a built-in solar panel that allows you to recharge the battery on the go, as well as a built-in GPS receiver that provides accurate navigation and tracking. It also has a long battery life, up to 34 days in smartwatch mode and up to 46 days in battery saver mode. It’s a great choice for those who want a reliable and durable device with plenty of features.

Garmin Enduro 2 solar powered is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable, long-lasting, and efficient timepiece. The solar charging feature allows for up to 34 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 111 days in battery saver mode. This is especially beneficial for those who aren’t always near an outlet or who want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about having to charge their device. Other benefits of the solar powered Garmin Enduro 2 GPS smartwatch include improved GPS accuracy, and a more reliable connection with compatible smartphones.

Garmin Enduro 2 Solar Powered is designed for serious athletes and explorers who need a rugged and reliable timepiece. It is ideal for those who need a watch that they can rely on to perform in the toughest of conditions and who are looking for maximum battery life. It is also suitable for those who need an ultra-durable watch with advanced navigation and training features.

It appears that customers are generally satisfied with the Garmin Enduro 2 Solar Power GPS Smartwatch. It has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon from more than 130 customer reviews. Customers have praised the watch for its long battery life, rugged design, and accurate GPS tracking.

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch technical specifications

Garmin Enduro 2 solar power GPS smartwatch technical specifications:


Lens MaterialPower Sapphire
Bezel Materialtitanium
Case materialfiber-reinforced polymer with titanium rear cover
QuickFit watch band compatibleincluded (26 mm)
Strap materialultra light-weight elastic nylon hook and loop
Physical size51 x 51 x 15.6 (mm)
Fits wrists with the following circumference:
  • Sport loop: 110-220 mm
  • Silicone band: 127-210 mm
Color displayYes
LED flashlightYes
Display Size1.4” (35.56 mm) diameter
Display resolution280 x 280 pixels
Display Typesunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
Weight70 g (case only: 64 g)
Battery life
  • Smartwatch: Up to 34 days / 46 days with solar*
  • Battery Saver Watch Mode: Up to 111 days / 550 days with solar*
  • GPS: Up to 110 hours / 150 hours with solar**
  • All Satellite Systems: Up to 78 hours / 96 hours with solar**
  • All Satellite Systems and Multi-band: Up to 68 hours / 81 hours with solar**
  • All Satellite Systems and Music: Up to 20 hours
  • Max Battery GPS: Up to 264 hours / 714 with solar**
  • Expedition GPS: 77 days / 172 days with solar*

*Solar charging, assuming all-day wear with 3 hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions
**Solar charging, assuming use in 50,000 lux conditions

Water rating10 ATM
Memory/History32 GB

Outdoor Recreation

Available outdoor recreation profilesHiking, Indoor Climbing, Bouldering, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Snowboarding, XC Classic Skiing, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Rowing, Kayaking, Surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Snowshoeing, Jumpmaster, Tennis, Pickleball, Tactical, Adventure Racing
Point-to-point navigationYes
Bread crumb trail in real timeYes
Back to startYes
UltraTrac modeYes
Around Me modeYes
Up AheadYes
Elevation profileYes
Distance to destinationYes
Barometric trend indicator with Storm AlertYes
ClimbPro Ascent PlannerYes
Trail run auto climbYes
Vertical speedYes
Total ascent/descentYes
Future elevation plotYes
Preloaded topographical mapsYes
Preloaded road and trail mapsYes
Preloaded ski resort mapsYes
Downloadable cartography supportYes
GPS coordinatesYes
Sight ‘N GoYes
Area calculationYes (via Connect IQ )
Hunt/fish calendarYes (via Connect IQ )
Projected waypointYes
Sun and moon informationYes (via Connect IQ )
XERO LocationsYes
Expedition GPS ActivityYes
TidesYes (via Connect IQ )
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