Elden Ring Sony PS5 game review

An acclaimed collaboration between two of gaming’s greatest minds, Elden Ring for Sony PS5 promises an epic RPG experience like no other. Explore a mysterious world and uncover its secrets in an unmissable action-filled adventure.

Elden Ring Sony PS5 game review

Elden Ring Sony PS5 game summary

Elden Ring Sony PS5 game highlights

Embark on an epic journey in ELDEN RING, brought to you by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Available for both Sony PS4 and PlayStation 5, this game invites you to explore a captivating world filled with mystery and danger. Prepare to discover the secrets that await. With a release date of 25/02/2022, immerse yourself in this single-player adventure or team up with up to 6 players online (PS Plus required) to unveil the mysteries of the Elden Ring universe.

Elden Ring Sony PS5 game overview

Purchase ELDEN RING on the PlayStation Store and choose from different editions:

  • Standard Edition (Sony PS4 & PS5):Immerse yourself in ELDEN RING
  • Deluxe Edition (PS4 & Sony PlayStation 5):Get ELDEN RING with Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack

Elden Ring Sony PS5 game storyline

Step into the shattered world of Elden Ring where the Golden Order is broken, and the once-powerful ELDEN RING lies shattered in the Lands Between under the rule of Queen Marika the Eternal. The demigods, heirs of Marika, now wield the Great Runes, fragments of the ELDEN RING, unleashing chaos and triggering the catastrophic Shattering. Amidst this turmoil, the Tarnished, forsaken by the Greater Will and abandoned by grace, are granted a new purpose.

For those living and dead, the path to redemption beckons beyond the misty sea, to the heart of the ELDEN RING. Become the Elden Lord and shape the fate of this fractured realm.

Elden Ring Sony PS5 game more storyline

Harness the might of the ELDEN RING and ascend to the role of an Elden Lord within the enigmatic realm of the Lands Between. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of ELDEN RING with these key features:

  • A new fantasy world: Uncover the depths of ELDEN RING’s enigmatic power. Face foes with intricate histories, characters driven by unique motives that either aid or obstruct your journey, and formidable creatures that test your mettle.
  • World exploration in the Lands Between: Traverse the breathtaking expanse on foot or horseback, alone or with fellow players online. Immerse yourself in vast landscapes, from lush plains to treacherous swamps, towering mountains, majestic castles, and more, all presented in an unprecedented scale for a FromSoftware experience.
  • Genre-defining gameplay: Forge your character and refine your playstyle using an array of weapons, magical abilities, and skills scattered throughout the world. The choices are yours as you determine your approach to exploration and combat. Additionally, engage in PvP modes in the Colosseum’s arenas, showcasing your combat prowess in thrilling battles.

Play Elden Ring on Sony PS5 game advantages

For those new to the challenging realm of ‘Soulslike’ games, our beginner’s tips will guide you through your initial hours in ELDEN RING. Learn about character selection, strategies for engaging enemies, and essential advice to navigate the mysterious Lands Between with confidence.

Discovering the ideal character type in ELDEN RING is a matter of aligning with your playstyle. Effectiveness is rooted in how a character manages and inflicts damage, shaped by their unique methods. The character you initially select will possess attributes suited to distinct skillsets, though you can tailor their development by utilizing collected Runes as you progress.

In Elden Ring, common character builds revolve around three main focuses:

  1. Power: These builds emphasize hefty weapons and armor, sacrificing speed for durability. While not the most agile, they excel at absorbing damage and dishing out significant blows in fewer strikes.
  2. Speed: Geared with lighter equipment, speed builds allow for swift movement around adversaries. Dodging incoming attacks becomes crucial, making this build ideal for those who prioritize agility over taking hits.
  3. Magic: For those favoring ranged combat, magic-centered builds provide distance and versatility. Inflict damage from afar with ranged attacks and apply buffs to minimize incoming harm, catering to players who prefer a more strategic approach to engagements.

In Elden Ring, Runes serve as a versatile resource obtained by defeating foes across the Lands Between. These valuable Runes are essential for acquiring items from vendors, enhancing weapons, and most significantly, advancing your character’s capabilities.

Remember, when you die, you’ll drop your collected Runes. Failing to retrieve them before another death means they’re lost forever. Thus, prudent spending and timing are crucial to maximize their utility.

Pro tip: Instead of heavily investing in early-game weapons and armor, prioritize character leveling. Weapons and armor are abundant in the Lands Between, allowing you to focus on bolstering your character’s potential.

Engaging in combat within Elden Ring involves various strategic elements:

  • Attacking: When wielding a sword and shield, mastering parrying and ripostes against weaker enemies is essential. Properly timed parrying (L2) can deflect attacks, while executing ripostes (R1) deals substantial damage. Lock onto targets (R3) for improved accuracy, as indicated by a highlighted enemy. Understanding enemy patterns and timing your attacks is crucial for success. Forcing enemies into attacking can create openings.
  • Defending: Shield usage is crucial for defense. Select the appropriate shield for specific damage types (physical, fire, magic) when facing different enemies. Maintaining stamina management is vital, as it’s expended during attacks, blocks, rolls, and dodges. Note that stamina regenerates slower when a shield is raised.
  • Stamina Management: Monitor your stamina (green bar) to ensure its availability for attacks and defense. Timing actions to prevent exhaustion is crucial. Some enemies also possess stamina that can be depleted with well-placed attacks, leading to vulnerable states.
  • Stealth: Leverage the environment to sneak past foes or launch surprise attacks from behind, especially against formidable adversaries.
  • Ashes of War: A new feature, Ashes of War, can enhance weapons and shields. Acquired from defeated bosses or found throughout the world, these enhancements offer diverse benefits, such as alternate weapon attacks or automatic targeting for ranged attacks. Keep an eye on the blue gauge, as some Ashes use FP.
  • Surviving: As you explore the Lands Between, enemy difficulty varies. Retreat from challenging encounters to regroup, level up, acquire better gear, and return with improved skills and tactics.

Expert tip: Perfect your parrying, utilize the right shield for different foes, and manage stamina wisely for a successful journey through Elden Ring’s challenging battles.

Our final opinion about Elden Ring Sony PS5 game

Elden Ring looks to be an absolutely outstanding game that will be a must-have title for any PS5 owner. It looks to offer a compelling and engaging story, coupled with intense and varied action sequences, combined with a beautiful world to explore. It also features innovative RPG elements that should make it a unique and highly replayable experience.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Elden Ring Sony PS5 game?

The game appears to have some features that could make it appealing to online gamers, such as up to 6 online players with PS Plus.

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the spiritual successor to FromSoftware’s 2015 game, Bloodborne. The game is set to feature a story written in collaboration with George R. R. Martin, who is known for writing the novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The game will also be powered by the game’s proprietary game engine, the RE Engine.

Players will also be able to explore an open world, join allies, and customize their own character. In addition, the game will feature much of the same combat and exploration elements found in other games developed by FromSoftware. With all these features, Elden Ring will be an incredibly unique experience for a variety of players.

Elden Ring for the Sony PS5 is an action role-playing game (RPG).

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