Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera review

Canon EOS R10, the most advanced mirrorless camera yet! Boasting top-notch features, a great design and amazing performance, read our full review to see why it deserves its place in the limelight.

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera review

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera review summary

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera product highlights

The Canon EOS R10 is a born explorer, offering endless possibilities. It features a lightweight design and a new APS-C sensor on the RF mount, providing a telephoto effect of about 1.6x while maintaining high resolution. This mirrorless camera shoots up to 23 frames per second and weighs only around 429g, making it perfect for capturing all your adventures with ease.

Canon Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera product highlights are:

  • Approx. 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor with 1.6x crop factor
  • Up to 23 fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
  • 4K UHD (6K oversampling) and 4K 60p

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera image quality and speed features

Experience superior image quality with the Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera.

  • Its new APS-C sensor brings an additional telephoto effect, increasing the focal length by about 1.6x while maintaining a high resolution of 24.2 megapixels. This means more creative freedom during post-processing, allowing you to explore new possibilities.
  • Equipped with a powerful DIGIC X image processor, the Canon EOS R10 offers high-speed readout and exceptional image quality. Even in challenging low-light conditions, the camera delivers clean and low-noise images with its wide normal ISO speed range of 100 to 32,000.
  • The in-camera Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO) is a fantastic feature that analyzes aberrations, distortions, and diffraction of compatible lenses, making corrections to enhance image quality further. Your photos will look sharper and more vibrant with this advanced technology.
  • With the EOS R10’s HDR PQ (High Dynamic Range Perceptual Quantization) and HDR PQ Composite features, your images will have a higher dynamic range and beautiful gradations, especially in highlights. This allows you to achieve greater gradation and stunning visual effects when using the Auto Lighting Optimizer and Highlight Tone Priority with HDR PQ.
  • The HDR PQ Composite feature is particularly exciting, as it captures a 3-shot HDR PQ in HDR mode and combines them into a single composite image. This results in photos with an expanded dynamic range, giving them a surreal and breathtaking appearance. The Canon EOS R10 is a versatile and powerful mirrorless camera that guarantees exceptional image quality, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity and capture stunning photographs like never before.

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera speed features:

  • Experience high-speed, high-precision performance with the Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera. Capture fast-moving action with up to 23 frames per second (FPS) high-speed continuous shooting using the silent electronic shutter, perfect for concerts, wildlife photography, and more. If you prefer a shutter sound, you can activate it for the electronic shutter.
  • Powered by Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, the Canon EOS R10 provides corner-to-corner autofocus coverage at up to 100% x 100%* of the image area, ensuring precise focusing and tracking of subjects even at the edge of the frame. With high-density AF of up to 651 frame zones, you’ll never miss a moment.
  • The Canon EOS R10’s RAW Burst shooting mode is fantastic for capturing every detail with up to 30 FPS with AF/AE tracking in RAW images*. You can even pre-shoot for up to 0.5 seconds before the actual shutter release, ensuring you capture those precious unexpected moments. The Canon EOS R10 is the perfect camera for those seeking speed, precision, and reliability, allowing you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning photos effortlessly.

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera intelligent features and more

The Canon EOS R10 is a smart and reliable mirrorless camera with Intelligent Tracking and Recognition. It accurately tracks and recognizes subjects within the frame, ensuring you never miss the action.

  1. People Priority allows it to detect people even with masks or goggles on, making sure you get clear and sharp shots of your subjects.
  2. In Animal Priority mode, it can accurately track animals like dogs, cats, and birds, capturing precious memories of your pets effortlessly.
  3. With Vehicle Priority, you can easily focus on fast-moving vehicles like race cars and motorcycles, getting sharp shots every time. Say goodbye to blurry images and capture all the exciting moments with the Canon EOS R10.

Canon EOS R10 Vlog video quality:

  • The Canon EOS R10 is perfect for vlogging on the move! It records stunning 4K UHD movies with rich 6K RGB data, giving you higher image quality with less distortion and noise.
  • Capture amazing HDR PQ movies with wider tonal range and color gamut for playback on HDR screens, reducing the need for extensive post-processing.
  • The 4K UHD crop feature lets you get even closer to your subject, achieving a super-telephoto angle of view equivalent to approximately 1150mm with a 400mm lens.
  • Enjoy stable and smooth video recording with the Coordinated Control Image Stabilization, combining Movie Digital IS and Optical IS on compatible lenses. Vlogging has never been this easy!

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera advantages

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera advantages on convenient are:

  • The Canon EOS R10 comes with convenient features to enhance your photography experience. With the in-camera Panorama Shot, you can capture up to 200 shots and let the camera merge them into a breathtaking panorama image.
  • Focus Bracketing allows you to shoot up to 999 shots with different focus points, and the camera automatically stacks them together for a sharp image with a deep depth of field.
  • The new Panning Mode compensates for subject shake during panning, ensuring smooth and sharp shots with compatible lenses. You can adjust the panning effect strength, and the camera will set the perfect shutter speed for the shot. Get creative and capture stunning images effortlessly!

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera advantages on portable built are:

  • The Canon EOS R10 is designed to be portable and lightweight, weighing only 429g with a sturdy aluminum alloy body for durability.
  • The electronic viewfinder (EVF) features approximately 2.36 million dots and an OVF simulation view assist, offering a realistic view like an optical viewfinder.
  • For added convenience, the EOS R10 has a pop-up flash with a guide number of 6, perfect for low-light situations and fill-in light for backlighting.
  • The 3.0-inch high-definition articulating touchscreen LCD with 1.04 million dots allows shooting from various angles.
  • Switching between auto and manual focus is made easy with the dedicated focus mode switch, located conveniently on the camera.
  • Quick access to essential controls like the Multi-controller and Quick control is available on top of the EOS R10, ensuring you can adjust settings without taking your eyes off the EVF. Enjoy a user-friendly shooting experience with this innovative mirrorless camera.

Our final opinion about Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera

Our final opinion about Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera is that it is definitely a worthy investment. It offers high-end features such as a full-frame sensor, a new image processor, and an impressive autofocus system, making it ideal for both professional and hobbyist photographers. With its relatively compact size and many features, this camera should provide you with plenty of creative options and great image quality. We recommend this camera to anyone looking to bring their photography game to the next level.

FAQ - Frequently asked question about Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera?

That would depend on what type of photography you are looking to do and your budget. If you are looking to do professional level photography, the Canon EOS R10 would probably not be the best fit. However, if you are a beginner or amateur photographer looking for an affordable entry-level option, the Canon EOS R10 could be a great choice. With its 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, professional-level Dual Pixel AF system, 4K 60fps video, and extensive lens compatibility, this camera is sure to please.

The Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera is the top of the line in Canon’s line up of full frame mirrorless cameras, offering superior image quality, speed, and features. It features a 24.2MP full frame CMOS sensor with dual card slots, Eye AF, Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus 2, 4K 60p, in-body image stabilization, and manual focus. All of these features make the Canon EOS R10 an excellent option for photographers and videographers looking for a professional-quality camera with the latest and greatest features.

The Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera is ideally suited for experienced photographers and videographers who want the power of a full-frame mirrorless camera in a compact form factor. The camera has advanced features, such as Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, a vari-angle LCD monitor, and multiple recording options. Its advanced Autofocus and 4K UltraHD video recording capabilities also make it a great choice for aspiring professionals.

It appears that most customers are satisfied with the Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera. Reviews of the camera have generally been positive, with many users praising its image quality, usability, and features. Many customers have also noted its improved autofocus compared to earlier mirrorless cameras.

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera technical specifications

Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera technical specifications:


AF ModesOne-Shot AF, Servo AF
AF Point SelectionSpot AF, 1-point AF, Expand AF area (above/below/left/right or around), Flexible Zone AF 1 / 2 / 3, Whole area AF
AF System PointsUp to 651 AF frame zones
Built-in FlashAvailable
Closest Focusing Distance (cm)0.17 / 0.56 (AF, f=18-35mm)
0.12 / 0.39 (MF, f=18-24mm)
Continuous Shooting Speed (Shots Per Sec) (Up To)Mechanical shutter & Electronic 1st curtain: 15
Electronic shutter: 23
Digital Zoom
Dimensions (Excl. Protrusions) (mm) (Approx.)122.5 x 87.8 x 147
Drive SystemLeadscrew-type STM
Effective ISOStills: 100–32,000 (H:51,200)
Movie: 100–12,800
HDR PQ movies: ISO 100–12,800
Effective Pixels (Megapixels)24.2
Exposure Compensation±3 stops in 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop increments AEB: ±3 stops in 1/3-stop or 1/2-stop increments
Eye Detection AFHuman and Animal eye detection ( All AF mode )
Flash ModesE-TTL II flash metering: Evaluative (Face Priority),Evaluative, Average
Focal Length (35mm Equivalent)29-240mm
Guide Number ISO 100 metres6
Image Resolution6000×4000 (JPEG L/RAW/C-RAW/HEIF)
3984×2656 (HEIF, JPEG M)
2976×1984 (HEIF, JPEG S1)
2400×1600 (HEIF, JPEG S2)
Image StabilizerOptical Image Stabilizer + In-body 5-axis electronic image stabilisation
LCD Monitor (Size) (Inch)3.0
LCD Monitor Resolutions (dots)1.04 million
Manual FocusYes
Memory Card TypeSingle Card Slot (SD, SDHC*, SDXC*)
*UHS-II cards compatible
Metering ModeStills: Evaluative, Partial, Spot, Center-weighted average
Movie: Evaluative (when faces are detected), Center-weighted average (when no faces are detected)
Movie FormatMP4
Optical Zoom
Optional PowerAC Power (AC Adapter AC-E6N and DC Coupler DR-E18)
Peripheral ConnectionsUSB Type-C (Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) equivalent, External microphone IN, HDMI micro (Type D), Remote control (N3)
Processor TypeDIGIC X
Sensor SizeAPS-C CMOS
Shooting ModesA+/Special scene mode/Creative filters/Fv/P/Tv/Av/M/B/C1/C2
Shutter Speed Range (Sec.)Stills:
Mechanical / Electronic 1st-curtain: 30 – 1/4000
Electronic shutter: 30 – 1/16000

Movie recording:
Auto exposure: 1/25* – 1/4000,
Manual exposure: 1/8* – 1/4000
*Varies by shooting mode and frame rate

Silent ShutterYes
Standard Power SupplyLP-E17
Still Image FormatJPEG, HEIF, RAW, C-RAW
Viewfinder Coverage (Approx.)100%
Viewfinder Type0.39-inch OLED, approx. 2.36million dots
59.94/119.88 fps Refresh Rate
Weight (g) (Including the battery and memory card) (Approx.)
*For camera kits, weight includes kit lens(es).
White BalanceAuto (Ambience priority / White priority), Daylight, Shade, Cloudy (Effective in twilight and sunset), Tungsten light, White fluorescent light, Flash*, Custom, Color temperature setting (approx. 2500–10000 K) White balance shift and white balance bracketing features available * Flash color temperature information transmission possible (EX / EL Series Speedlite)
X-sync (sec.)Mechanical shutter: 1/200
Electronic 1st curtain: 1/250

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